Get rid of armpit rolls in 5 seconds a day


Most armpit fat is... migrated breast tissue. This migration is caused by wearing the wrong bra size. Parts of your breasts escape to the armpit or even the back area due to wearing too small cups + too loose band !

Try this test:     
Bend over at the waist.
With your palms, gather all the fat from the underarms into the bra cup. Now stand up.
Most probably your boobs are spilling out of front of the cups. This means that till now, you have been wearing cups that are too small, and a band that is too loose.
(If your bra band is really loose, you might want to close it at the tightest hook or even tie it into a knot for this test.)

How breast tissue migrates into armpit and back rolls:

Most of us wear a band that is too loose, and cups that are too smallEven if we have used an online bra calculator, andeven if we have had a professional bra fitting.

Most average bra producers don't produce a good range of sizes. A good size range means at least 60 sizes in each model: bands starting from 28(60), and cups till K.


Nobody likes to live in cramped conditions, so the breasts. sneak out of the too-small cups into the armpit area.
Presto ! Instant armpit rolls !


Very often, migration doesn't stop here. Breast tissue, unchecked by the loose band, wanders further away...

    And ends up as back rolls...
    Yes, that is breast tissue !

How to get rid of armpit and back rolls:

Step one: measure yourself for a bra. Forget any measurements that bra-fitter or calculators have given you before, 90% of them are usually wrong. Find out your real size.

Step two: Each day as you put on your bra, gather the migrated flesh back into the cups (detailed instructions *here*). This should take less than 5 seconds a day.

 After a month or so, your armpit rolls will have disappeared, and you will probably go up a cup size. Your bust area will be looking overall much better. And you will be wondering how in the world could you have squashed yourself into the old wrong size.

Photo: Katherine Heigl via hellodollface  

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