About Venusian*Glow

    This blog was born in 2007 out of a collection of personal notes on skin and hair care and has grown into a varied guide on beauty, bra-fitting and lifestyle, with dashes of backpacking, organizing and DIY thrown in.
     My approach to cosmetics is rational and pragmatic: I try to understand how the ingredients work, and believe that techniques and routines are just as important as the products usedVenusian Glow will help you to understand cosmetics and create a beauty strategy. It is not a catalog of the newest miracle products, it is a guide to help you make the best out of your skin and hair. There are also basic and detailed posts for those of you just starting out with makeup, as well as reviews of (mostly) cruelty-free products and tips for eating right.
   Venusian*Glow is also one of the best online bra-fitting resources in English that empower women to learn to fit themselves for a bra. When I broke out of the Bra Matrix, I was so thrilled that sharing correct bra-fitting information became a major mission on this blog. I want to make women  independent from fitters in stores that often lack competence and focus on making a sale (at the cost of fitting women wrongly because the store doesn't carry their size). From bra-fitting basics to fitting specific breast shapes to introductions to affordable brands that carry a big range of sizes -- Venusian*Glow has got you covered.

    Finally, beauty is not all about cosmetics and clothes. Venusian Glow is the je ne sais quoi that you see in a woman who is in love with life, happy with who she is, and has a healthy body. I love sharing the little ways I find to infuse more fun, positiveness and adventure into life.

About Eternal*Voyageur:  

I'm a 30 year old cosmopolitan
currently living in south Germany
I'm a Virgo, a book-worm, mama to two small kids. I also hoop-dance, act in a theatre group and 
love exploring places and gardening.

   I chose to blog under a nom de plume because I might want to run for president one day, you know? Besides, it gives me the freedom to talk about certain issues more freely.

    Wanna know more?We can even be friends on facebook or twitter. Email me questions, comments and book deals at eternalvoyageur (at) gmail (dot) com

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