Hair: The Constant Accessory

An Owner's Manual

Feb 2011                                            Dec 2011

The single thing that defines your look the most is probably your hair.
Hair, the part of ourselves that we can change the most easily.
The accessory we always wear.

Those people who seem to be able to throw on any old thing and look effortlessly fab usually have amazing hair. Ok, shoes too, but men don't see shoes.

So, what constitutes perfect hair ? How do we get it ? Here are a couple of key posts that explain it. To get a complete list of all posts on hair including my own before and after photos, check out the category tags on the left sidebar!

Understanding your hair type:





Where to buy DIY cosmetic ingredients
Hair Gel and Rinse from Flax Seeds
Herbal Hair Rinse Recipes
DIY dandruff treatments
Shine and Anti-Frizz Hair Spray
Protein Hair Treatment (vegan)
Beer Hair Rinse For Shine And Volume
Pre-conditioner for glossy hair
Leave-in Conditioner Recipe For Dry And Curly Hair
DIY: Agar Agar Hair Rinse For Shine And Hold
DIY Leave-in Conditioner for Dry And Curly hair

Feeding From Within:

Yeast For Faster Hair Growth


Protein Sulfates
Grape seed oil
Mineral Oil

   The best hair advice I ever got. You should hang it up on your wall in big letters, like this:

"Treat your hair like fine old Chantilly lace"

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