How To Change The Growth Direction Of Unruly Eyebrow Hairs

This method is something that I tried out and has worked really well for me. I have pretty bushy eyebrows which I have to tweeze really often, but theg most irritating thing about them were a couple of hair near the center that would grow straight up, and a couple that would grow downwards. Cutting them was not a good look.

I remember reading somewhere about plucking in the direction of hair growth so that the hair wouldn't end up growing in random directions. I thought that logically the opposite should work too: pulling the hair in the direction you want it to grow in. So I tried it out and I have to say that it works. It does take a while though, I'm not sure how long because as soon as the hair started growing neatly along the brow line I completely forgot that they used to be unruly. I think that I did this for several growth cycles of the eyebrow hair before it worked, which is at least half a year.

To do this you need a a really good tweezer. I like the Solingen Mörser ones, but even here I have to examine each tweezer to make sure I get the one with the thinnest ends. The ends need to be perfectly smooth and thin so that you can easily grab the exact hair you want. If you want something really cheap, get the tiny penknife ones. You need to grab the hair near the root and slowly pull it in the direction you want it to grow in. You can completely pluck the hair out, or you can just pull for a bit.

You can speed up the process by brushing the eyebrows into the desired shape (outwards and slightly upwards) and using a product that will keep them in place.

Have you ever trained your eyebrows into growing the way you want them to? Or maybe messed up their growth through careless plucking? Let me know.

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Which Old Favourite Products Do I Still Love? (Bra + Beauty)

 I review a lot of stuff, many don't even make it into the blog because there aren't anything special. Some however turn out to be personal holy grails, which I quietly rebuy again ad again.

This bra has proven to be really sturdy, and looks really good after all the wear. The band was really very snug in the beginning and came with an extender, now that it has stretched I don't use the extender any more. This has really increased the life of the bra because as it stretches you have six rows of hooks you can work your way through. This is probably as close to a Buy-It-For-Life as a bra can get.
I like the feeling of encapsulation that it gives me, and I think that this bra is at least partially responsible for the fact that over the years my breast tissue has shifted more towards the center (my breasts used to be very far apart and I needed really wide underwires, but not any more). I haven't used the vest much because it's almost too much cleavage for my lifestyle.

I use this religiously, often combining it with other types of cleansing products. It removes all oil and makeup, and does not dry or irritate my skin.

Gosh Click n Conceal

This concealer from the Danish brand Gosh lasts ages. It goes on easily -- I always have problems with applying other concealers smoothly, and doesn't budge or crawl into creases.Unfortunately I can't buy it in Germany, so I stock up when I'm abroad. Fortunately one pen lasts for a very long time.

I still haven't found a better colouring Henna. One thing I did learn though is that colour releasing is very different across brands, and in the case of Khadi I get best results if I mix it with cool water and let it stand for ca 12 hours, or I mix it with very hot water and use as soon as it is cool enough (in the second scenario I need to blast my hennaed hair with a hair dryer every half an hour to make sure that the henna keeps on releasing it's dye).

Still the best way to get my skin really smooth. I always take both with me in the sauna, it's also a staple gift.

This product is amazing when it comes to mattifying just about anything. It's a great primer and a great finishing powder.

I do this every six months or so. It usually takes 2-3 sessions will my teeth are nice and white again.

I'm actually pretty surprised I haven't broken the big one. I love how it's really gentle and smooth, and I don't use anything else apart from my fingers to comb my hair. I lost the small one which made me pretty sad, I replaced it with a similar one from the Hercules Sägemann line from Müller. I used it for my bangs. DM also has the nice plastic-free Ebelin Nature combs.

If there is any other older product you'd like to ask about, let me know in the comments.

Photo credit: Rachel Walker

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Perfect Mineral Nano-Free Sunscreen: Alga Maris Tinted SPF 30

 My standards for sunscreen are pretty high: purely mineral, free from nano-particles, with no or little alcohol, must not make my skin look white. Especially the last point is difficult: my skin is warm and I am not pale, so I often read review that a certain product leaves barely and white traces and then I'm sorely disappointed. I also like my sunscreen to contain zinc oxide, as this is the only thing that gives protection from the full UVA spectrum.

    For anyone who hasn't been following my sunscreen journey: I avoid chemical sunscreens because they are often not photostable and may react with other products on your skin, they are not immediately effective, apart from Avobenzone they don't offer protection from UVA, and some ingredients work similar to hormones in our body. Mineral sunscreen doesn't have to be reapplied every two hours if you don't rub it off, and usually offers better UVA protection. I stay away from nano-sized ingredients since they penetrate into the blood stream and there is still way too little research about the effect of that. Also, nano-sized particles offer worse UVA protection. This paper is very interesting if you want an insight into the pros and cons of mineral ingredients and nano-particles, it especially highlights the fact that there haven't been enough studies on the subject. I imagine that in the next couple of years new research will change what we know about sunscreen. 

My favourite sunscreen so far is Kimberly Sayer. The only disadvantage is that it doesn't stay put when I sweat. Anyway, I wanted to expand my choices and have been testing out many other products: almost everything from the Eco Cosmetics range, Melvita ProSun SPF 50 and the Biosolis Extreme Fluid 50+ which you have seen on Facebook. I decided not to write a detailed review post on each since none turned out to be my holy grail. The Eco Cosmetics SPF 30 (tinted) worked pretty well as long as I used something to mattify it (Hide-A-Pore from Sweetscents is perfect). Everything else took a powder and foundation to look presentable because they are all either really white or a very cool beige, which might work well for some people but not on my warm skin tone. They all need to be mattified. Apart from that not all of the Eco Cosmetics provide full-spectrum protection.
The Biosolis Extreme Fluid 50+ has the advantage of being scent-free and very affordable, plus it is full-spectrum, and it's quite affordable.
The Melvita ProSun SPF 50 is a blueish white which is very noticeable on my skin. The scent is rather heavy. It is full-spectrum.
 All of these are going to be applied on my body, hands, kids and paler friends.

It blends almost perfectly with my skin

Alga Maris Creme Solaire Teintee SPF 30 review:

This sunscreen blew me away with how good it is. First of all: no white cast and no greasiness! It looks like a light foundation or a BB cream. The finish is creamy matte, it evens out the skin colour but does not provide a lot of coverage. It glides on really easily and is easy to blend, and once it has set (around 5 minutes) it does not gather in the creases of the skin. The ingredient responsible for the pretty satiny finish is silica. Other than that the sunscreen contains aloe vera and algae extract, so it has some skin care benefits.
On to its properties as sun protection: the Alga Maris tinted sunscreen provides full-spectrum coverage, the titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are micronised but not nano. There is no alcohol, so it doesn't dry me out. It has not broken me out or blocked my pores. The product is water resistant which is perfect since in the summer I sweat when I'm on my bike.
The scent is a bit coconutish, but it disperses after a bit -- I can't smell it on me after a while, though normally I'm really sensitive to smells. Some reviewers don't like the smell, however since we aren't exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to good physical sunscreen I'd say it is a minor issue. If the scent bothers you, apparently the SPF 50 from the same brad is unscented.

I wear it over a bit of concealer, and usually wear a bit of bronzer or blush on the top, otherwise the skin can look a bit flat. If you have oily skin, I'd suggest using a starch-based powder below (or even a dusting of pure cornstarch or rice powder or arrowroot starch) below the sunscreen. The Alga Maris sunscreen evens out my skin tone and lightly cancels out the redness, so I don't feel the need of wearing foundation over it.

The Alga Maris sunscreen comes in three shades: white, tinted-light and tinted-dark. I chose the light one which isn't that light -- it leans warm and I'd call it light-medium. The dark one is probably meant for persons with brown skin. If you feel that you are in between shades, you can mix them together. Greenconscience not only swatched of all of shades of the Alga Maris sunscreen, but experimented with mixing them (on the bottom).  I don't normally advocate mixing sunscreen but in this case it is the exact same product just with different colours.

The Alga Maris SPF 30 is certified organic and vegan. 

The bottom line: Personally I can't find fault with this sunscreen, it's everything I have wished for. However it would be great if the brand came out with a cooler tint as well as an unscented version.

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Weekend Reads + A Couple Of Questions

* As soon as the lilac blossom, I'm going to make this lilac oil infusion. Somewhere else I read that you should let the flowers wilt a bit first, so that they contain less water.

* Very interesting read on gratefulness and offering up one's identity.

* Beautiful styling ideas for your windowsills.

* Great thrift store shopping tips.

* Cute ways to customise your sunglasses.

* For simple make-up looks I love Violette's channel. As she applies her make-up at the back of a car or a cafe using her fingers to blend, you wouldn't guess that she is actually a pretty big professional make-up artist. Plus her voice is so amazingly soothing.

Finally I have a big favour to ask of you: please take a few minutes to answer a couple of questions. They will really help me. Thanks!!!!

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Rye Flour Hair Wash Update + Tips

Rye Flour Hair Wash Update

Since two months I am washing my hair mostly with rye flour. I've stopped using conditioner and use oil only at the ends. My hair looks great, stays fresh longer than ever. Also the rye doesn't wash out henna like shampoo does (it is the same with hair dye). Another side-effect I have noticed is that I am losing much less hair than before, and I'm talking like 90% less.

I started my hair care journey with very dry and damaged hair. In the beginning my hair was thankful for every bit of nourishment it got, and ate up all the hair conditioner, treatments and oil that I would throw at it. Gradually I switched to conditioner-only washing. As my hair stopped being very porous and dry (the porousity was mainly due to damage) I found that conditioner-only was often too much for my hair, it would look amazing on the first day, and limp and greasy on the second and third. When I used shampoo it felt light and bouncy but then I would get flyaways and frizz. I finally found the perfect balance between cleansing and consitioning with rye flour.

Rye flour hair wash isn't perfect. It takes a bit of pre-planning because it's best to soak it, and even after careful sieving it leaves flakes in my hair that I have to shake out. I haven't been able to get my hands on the finely-ground and non-whole-wheat version of rye flour yet, which I hope will not leave flakes at all. What does cut down on the flakes is an acidic rinse -- apparently it is the hardness of the water makes the flakes stick to the hair. I use diluted apple cider vinegar.
In the end my hair looks great and is healthy, so I'm saving time and effort and money on hair care as a whole. Finally... I stumbled onto this post about water-only washing, and it was the first one on the topic that actually made me really consider trying it in the future.

Another very important thing about cleansing with rye flour -- you need to really use your fingers to get your scalp clean. I actually count in my head to make sure I am actually rubbing my scalp for at least a full minute. A nice side effect of this is that scalp massages help with blood circulation and stimulate hair growth, it also regulates the sebum production and stimulates growth.

If your hair is really oily you can try adding a little bit of lemon juice A drop or two of tea tree oil will also keep the hair fresh longer. For hair that is very dry you can add two teaspoons of honey or half a teaspoon of oil into the mixture.

I have been recently experimenting in is mixing my rye flour with herbal infusions. You basically make a tea out of a herb that you like, and let it cool before you mix it with the rye flour. Salvia and rosemary is great for oily hair, chamomile brightens blond hair. Coffee, nettles help with hair loss. For neurodermitis or an irritated scalp, use black tea (let is brew for at least 15 minutes). If you want a nice smell, you can of course add a drop or two of essential oil, or use a fragrant oil for the hair ends.

Let me know if you have any questions, as I want to do an update about my general hair routine soon.

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How To Spot A Badly-Fitted Bra At Ten Yards

Spring is the start of the open-air bra-spotting season. Once you know the signs it's actually easy to spot a badly-fitting bra through clothes, sometimes even from a distance of several meters.


* Mid-boob is lower than mid-arm
If you're wearinga  correctly fitted bra, center of the breast should be at the hight midway between shoulder and elbow. Give or take a couple of centimeters, and yes, even in really big cup sizes (like this perfectly-fitted stylish lady). Any lower and it means that the band is not supportive (too loose) and sometimes the breasts dip lower than the bra band.

* Jiggle, bounce

       Breasts that move around with every step are a sure sign of a band that is too loose. Which leads us to:

* Clutching the handbag to chest when running to catch a bus

A band that is too big = breasts that yo-yo at every step. Confession: I have been known to do that, a long time ago.  My breast size was way smaller than now, I'm guessing a 60B, but the only way I could run comfortably was with my big, sturdy college satchel holding by breasts in place.

* Band peeking out at the back:
 When the band is too loose, it rides up at the back giving the clasp a chance to say hello to the world. Most low-cut tops and dresses (mostly tank-tops and halterneck styles) are actually cut at exactly the rights height to be worn with a correctly-fitted bra. Bands that are snug enough stay horizontal. If the band does ride up, it's because of the see-saw effect.

* The quadraboob
Quadraboob means when the cups are too small and the breasts spill over the top. From the side it looks like each breast was kind of double. Demonstrated here. Breasts spilling out of the cups may look sexy from the front to some, but everyone agrees they look terrible from the side view. And even worse -- under a high-necked top. This has unfortunately been made popular by certain celebs and even bra models. Get a bigger cup, unless you want to end up with armpit rolls.

* Armpit rolls
Breasts often get fed up of spilling over the top and find other sneaky ways to escape from a too-small cup. Like the armpits. With time they creep even further, and end up becoming back rolls. If you're curious about armpit rolls and migrated breast tissue, I've written more about it here.

* Shapeless shapes
Badly-fitting bras (especially wireless ones) often make bigger breasts look bottom-heavy and wide. Others flatten, smear and generally mistreat boobs. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. This usually makes me a little bit sad, because it makes the figure of the woman look heavy and frumpy, and I think that a bra that would give lift and support could change the entire figure.

    By the way even when women are wearing coats and sweaters, you can pretty safely bet that they are wearing the wrong size -- statistics say 80% to 90% of women do.

Don't get me wrong -- everyone has the the right to dress as they please, however wearing a correctly fitting bra is much more about comfort than about looking good. It makes me think that if only she were wearing a different size she'd be so much more comfortable! Seeing someone with a badly fitting bra remind me of the time a woman with one slightly wonky high heel walking in front of me -- I could almost physically feel the discomfort.

What about you? Does seeing badly fitting bras out in the wild trigger similarly strong feelings? Or doesn't it bother you at all?

Photo credit: Malingering via photo pin cc

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My Experience At The Benefit Brow Bar At Douglas

I could  give Frida Kahlo a run for her money in the brow department. My eyebrows also grow ridiculously fast, which is both great and annoying. I have had a lot of different styles over the years. It usually went this way: I saw some amazing arches in a film or on a blog, and I rushed to the mirror and did my best to copy the look. Some of my efforts include straight Korean brows (or as close as I could get), classical arches from the diagrams you see in magazines (which, by the way, only work on classically shaped faces), and an almost perfect copy of Maria from Lost In A Spotless Mind. It was while looking back at photos from my Blair Waldorf from season 1 eyebrow phase that I realised that you need to take the entire face into account when shaping eyebrows -- the face shape, shape of the eyes, the cheeks. Blair's dainty arches were pretty by themselves but they threw my whole face off-balance. I remember that my mother told me when I was a teenager that thin eyebrows don't suit me at all because they make my face look bottom-heavy.

Anyway, I finally needed some kind of brow expert to do my eyebrows. Someone suggested the Benefit Brow Bar, and when I googled reviews it sounded good. I decided that if I'm going to get my brows shaped there, I'm going to do it properly. Which meant growing out my eyebrows. This made me nervous because I haven't seen the unplucked shape of my arches since I was 14. It took weeks, and made me really thankful for my bangs. I have to confess that I did pluck between my brows. Then me and my grown-out brows went to the local Douglas, which is where the Benefit Brow Bars here are.

I actually made several passes around the Benefit stand first, and then timidly chatted up the salesgirl, trying to see what the stylist's own eyebrows looked like. I liked them, so I asked for a brow session. I mentioned that I don't want my brows to look too thin. The whole procedure took around 15 minutes and was done with wax, with small corrections were done with tweezers. I was happy that she didn't use scissors because in my opinion snipped eyebrow hair give a touch of stiffness and fakeness to the brows. At the end she used a brow mascara. I didn't opt for a dye because my brows are dark already.

The stylist showed me the way my brows were asymmetrical and how she was working with that, which was extremely helpful. She didn't change the shape of my brows much, however she
What really surprised me about waxing is the really clean effect. I realised that waxing removes even the tiny hair that I don't bother with when I pluck, and this makes the eyebrows look sharper -- as if I had used concealer on the area.

Here are the results:

 As you can see the general shape is cleaned up, the tail of the longer brow was shortened, and the peak of the left brow was removed and the lower line of the right arch was made to match the left. The space between the brows was lightly widened.

My only criticism is that at the end the lady asked me if she should cover up the skin that war red from plucking with concealer. I said yes, so she proceeded to apply what under the strong light looked like a normal amount of concealer. Outside in daylight it looked as if it were applied with a shovel.

The upkeep:

I am maintaining my brows at home because I have neither the time nor the budget to get regular waxes. Also I can't imagine letting the hair grow out between sessions. So I tweeze.
Getting my brows professionally done has been amazing, after several months I still love the shape and it works really well with the rest of my face.

If you have been thinking about getting your brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar, In my opinion it's well worth the investment. It's pretty important to get a good photo of your brows after the session. I though it would be enough to just pluck out the hair that grew back, but after a while I noticed that I had strayed away from the shape I got at Benefit. The photos I took help me to get the right shape again. I also made my own stencil, which is a fun little project. If you would you like to see a post about that, let me know.

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My Favourite Resource For Simple And Easy Hairstyle Tutorials


I'm pretty bad at doing my hair. I can't seem to coordinate the movements of my hands and their reflection in the mirror, and even if I do manage to follow the instructions the hairstyle usually doesn't stay in place. Still, I have been trying to expand my repertoire a bit. It's not easy finding good tutorials. American ones start by layering tons of products and then torturing the hair with heat, neither of which goes with my hair care philosophy. Also I don't own almost any styling products or tools, mainly because my bathroom is small and I just don't have the space. Lots of tutorials don't really explain how to do the in-between steps, others are just too complicated.

I don't remember how it happened that I stumbled onto this Japanese site, but I was pretty fascinated by their stuff, especially by their hair tutorials. Their home organisation stuff is pretty great too, but the hairstyle tutorials were unlike anything I had found on the Internet. Most of these hairstyles are really easy to do, plus they don't need special tools or products. Each post has variations on a theme -- low messy bun, half up, braid, short bob, etc.

The MP4s are short and to the point, there is no rambling that annoys me so much on Youtube. You can right-click the videos to slow them down or download them and save them on your phone. Here are a couple that I like:

This one is really simple to do yet looks sophisticated.

One nice technique I learnt is pulling gently at the hair strands to get that lovely texture. You can see that on the video above. That small touch completely transforms the simple hairstyle.

 This is one of the many stylish low bun tutorials from the site. Such low buns are perfect to wear with caps and hats.

 A lovely variation on the braid.

I don't speak a lick of Japanese, and though you could use Google translate to read the rest of the text on the page I find that the tutorials speak for themselves. I have successfully tried out many of the hairstyles show on Locari. I find that the causal messy-chic aesthetic works really well even if you are not terribly good with hair.

Are you good at hairstyles? If so, where did you learn? Or is this just something you have to be born with?

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Armpit Rolls And Back Fat: How To Get Rid Of Them

Most armpit fat is... migrated breast tissue. This migration is caused by wearing the wrong bra size. Parts of your breasts escape to the armpit or even the back area due to wearing too small cups + too loose band !

The underwire cuts the breast almost in half

How breast tissue migrates into armpit rolls:

Most of us wear a band that is too loose, and cups that are too small. Even if we have used an online bra calculator, and even if we have had a professional bra fitting.
Most average bra producers don't produce a good range of sizes. A good size range means at least 60 sizes in each model: bands starting from 28(60), and cups till K. A bra fitter in a regular store will not fit you correctly because she has to sell you whatever sizes the store carries.

Nobody likes to live in cramped conditions, so the breasts sneak out of the too-small cups into the armpit area. Presto ! Instant armpit rolls !
You can spot such badly fitted bras even on most lingerie ads. Often the model poses in a way that the problem is less visible, or the photo is retouched.

The Tail Of Spence is next to the small blue bow.
Below that is breast tissue that belongs inside the cup.
To those of you who are saying: that is not breast tissue, that is fat: breast tissue is mostly fat. And if you're looking for "proof" that the rolls on the armpits or fat are from the breasts, I can only say: try this out and you'll see how much of it rejoins the breasts in a couple of weeks. Also: yes, Tail Of Spence is a thing, but it is a small roll near the top of the armpit crease. Most armpit rolls are much more than just the Tail Of Spence. And if you try the method below, your Tail Of Spence will stay where it is, while the rest of the migrated breast tissue will rejoin the breasts.

Yes, that is breast tissue !

How back rolls happen:

Very often migration doesn't stop at the armpit area. The loose band allows the breast tissue to slip further away, and ends up as back rolls.

How to get rid of armpit and back rolls:

Step one: measure yourself for a bra. Forget any measurements that bra-fitter or calculators have given you before, 90% of them are usually wrong. Find out your real size.
If you think you are already wearing the right size, try this test:     
Bend over at the waist.
With your palms, gather all the fat from the underarms into the bra cup. (Here it is video demonstration). Now stand up.
Most probably your boobs are spilling out of front of the cups. This means that till now, you have been wearing cups that are too small, and a band that is too loose.
(If your bra band is really loose, you might want to close it at the tightest hook or even tie it into a knot for this test.)

Step two: Each day as you put on your bra, gather the migrated flesh back into the cups (detailed instructions *here*). This should take less than 5 seconds a day.

 After a month or so, your armpit rolls will have disappeared, and you will probably go up a cup size. Your bust area will be looking much better. And you will be wondering how in the world could you have squashed yourself into the old wrong size.

Originally posted on 2009.09

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Favourite Beauty Products: Spring 2017

 I haven't bought much new products in the last year, because I tend to stick to things that have worked for me in the past. So I rebuy my favourites again and again. However I have a couple of new things that I really like I'd like to share with you. Most of them aren't really new, except the Kiko pen I've been using these products for months if not longer, however I haven't written about them on the blog.

Luvos Hydro Maske face mask

I was looking for something very moisturising in the winter and this was my favourite of all the masks I tried. Its very nourishing yet not too heavy, and I think that it works for all skin types. It's lightly tinted and I have been known to leave it on like a regular cream when my skin really needed it. One sachet is enough for several applications. I got it from the Müller but it's also available in Douglas.
The mask is certified organic (BDIH).

Waldfussel Deodorants

I think I mentioned Waldfussel already -- Gentle and effective deodorants that I have been using for several years. They have really lovely scents that are created with essential oils (no synthetic fragrances). Although they are based on sodium bicarbonate they don't dry the skin as the diy baking soda deodorants thanks to Shea butter and jojoba oil.
Celtic smells like a herby meadow, the scent is very green and not at al sweet. Frühlingsblüte is amazing -- it's flowery without being sweet. I can't stand sweet scents on me. This scent is a dry, tart flowery note; lightly spicy without crossing over into the heady oriental territory. These deodorants leave a bit of whiteness on the armpits so I don't wear them with sleeveless clothes, instead I sometimes dab them behind my ears for their scent.
Waldfussel ships within the EU (if you're in Britain and want these you'd better hurry), however you'd need to use google translate if you don't speak German.

 Alverde Gesichtsöl Wildrose face oil

A really nice dry-feeling oil mix that I like to use in the evening for my facial massages. It feels really smooth and not sticky, and is also great to use on the hair when I want a little bit of oil to tame frizz. The oil is a mix of jojoba oil, almond oil, peach seed oil, rose hip oil and coconut oil, all lovely nourishing oils and no cheap "filler" oil.
The dropper bottle is really practical to use and will stay with me long after the contents are used up.

Rose hip oil

I wanted to get a good anti-ageing oil and rose hip is a great candidate with its vitamin A and antioxidants. It feels a tad heavier than the Alverde Gesichtsöl, but not sticky. It's calming and suitable for all skin types, including the very sensitive. It doesn't block the pores and it's a good oil if you tend towards acne. It's supposed to be minimise scarring when applied on fresh scars, however I don't have any fresh ones to test it on.
I get most of my pure oils from the local Hobbythek store because they are good and cheap, but you can find rose hip oil in other places as well. Look for 100% rose hip oil, if possible cold-pressed and organic.

Wala Solum Öl

This little oil is something I have been using since several years before sleeping. It is calming and is meant to provide a kind of protective shield for persons that are sensitive to the environment. The lavender scent is very calming. Rubbing it into the nape of my neck really helps me with stress-related headaches. People I know also use it on their joints when they feel pain due to changes in the weather.

Kiko long-lasting eyeshadow stick

Since a long time I have been looking for a deep blue eyeshadow that is pigmented enough to not look like that 80s pastel look when applied. I finally stumbled upon the Kiko sticks, which surprised me with their pigmentation and ease of use.
and picked up the #44. It's a beautiful cobalt blue that works really well on deep autumns as well as true autumns, all winters and clear springs. The tip came from a video of Violette, who is the queen of blue eyeshadow. It's easy to apply and beautifully pigmented. It does gather in the crease a bit if I don't use a base (or set it with powder). The #17 is a deep sapphire blue with a bit of shimmer that would work for deep autumns, all winters and true summer; and there are a couple of other shades of blue (source). Two other shades that I really liked are the #28 and #34 which would make great highlighters for warmer and cooler skin tones.

If you have any questions, let me know. If you have tried any of the products I wrote about here, how did you like them?

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