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(I accept Guest Posts only from bloggers. I am not interested in "free content" in exchange to a link to your business.)

   If you wish, I will not use your question in my future posts. Or you can be anonymous. Do let me know. I respect my readers privacy!

   If it´s a bra sizing question, please read this!!!! 

  I get a lot of mails that are unclear and confused, and lack the necessary information that I need. If you follow these instructions, chances are I can help you better.
* Please read all my posts. Lots of questions that I get have already been answered in the blog.
* I know how difficult it is to shop for your first good bras, but I am not very good at guessing what you should order based on description or photos of your breasts. There are lists of good bra models for specific kind of breasts on the blog, based on recommendations from other women and forums.

Please include: 
* your measurements ! (loose in the bust, tightly below the bust).
* a bit about your breasts: whether they are round, tear-shaped, firm, compressible, and anything else that you think could help me.
* the country in which you live. I can recommend stores or brands more easily when I know whether you are living in New Zealand, Brazil or Canada.
* if you are talking about a bra you tried on that fit or didn't fit you, please mention the size, brand and model (or at least cup style). Please mention how each of the bras fit you.
* if you are sending pictures, please try to make them in good light, with a front view, side view and side view with arm lifted. Also, moulded (T-shirt) bras disguise fitting issues, so they are not very helpful.

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