In the last couple of years I have been learning about my skin and about how cosmetics work. Here are some key posts that you might want to read.  For more, check out the category tags on the left sidebar!

My basic rules of skin care:

Eat healthy, your skin is made up of what you eat!
Moisturise from inside out. Water is your friend!
Treat your neck and decollete as an extension of your face.
Quality ingredients is what makes up a good cosmetic, not brand and price.


Oil Cleansing
How To Get Rid Of Acne + How Food Intolerance Causes Skin Problems
How To Put Together A Skin Care Routine
Skin Care In The Winter
Chapping Lips
Taping Your Wrinkles Away
Caring for your decollete
Spider Veins
Breakouts or skin detox?
Chemical vs Physical sunscreen
Sunscreen gets destabilised by makeup
DIY Microdermabrasion with Micronised Corundum Crystals
Microfiber Cloths For Effective & Gentle Exfoliation
The right pillow
Nettle Tea for clear skin
Anti-aging for young skin
How To Put Together A Skin Care Routine and How To Stick To It
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Natural deos
Ruby nail file
Facial depilation wand
Epilating for beginners
Epilating different body parts
The bikini line hair removal
Varicose veins and floor seating
Skin care for kids
Butt care
Smoother underarms
Tips For Healthy, Happy Teeth


Where to buy ingredients
Grape Seed Oil
Simple Moisturising Serum
Make your own Kohl / Kajal
Plumping Lips Scrub
At home microdermabrasion
Body scrubs
Kaolin clay
Cider vinegar based toners
Deep cleansing oil
Indian chickpea flour cleansing mask
Vitamin C + E serum
Dr Hauschka's Cleansing Cream dupe
BHA peel
Mattifying powder
Moisturising Serum
Anti-wrinkle tape
Milk of Magnesia Mattifier
Skin and Nails Potion
Yeast for Nails and Hair
*More DIY cosmetics* 


Easy Guide To Reading Cosmetic Labels
How To Understand Cosmetic Ingredients
Faker ingredients - when cosmetics fake a good first impression
Animal Testing -- why it's not effective
How To Recognize Bogus "Natural" Cosmetics
How moisturising works -- humidity and humectants
Which Oils Get Absorbed Fastest By The Skin?
Which Oils Will Block Your Pores And Which Won't?
About Hydroxy Acids: AHAs and BHAs and PHAs
Mineral Oil
Talcum powder
Coconut oil -- it can be drying
Glycerin -- moisturising or drying?
Parabens --
Alcohols -- the good and the bad
Vitamin E
Vitamin C -- types used in skin care
Collagen -- the myth
Silicones -- the good and the bad
Pthalates -- Phthalates: hormone disruptors in plastics and cosmetics
*More about cosmetic ingredients*


Removing eye makeup without tugging skin
Pure mineral makeup vs mineral based makeup
Love The Mascara? Save The Wand!
My Makeup Brushes
Makeup for Hooded Eyes
Trick for a natural look with powder foundation
Beginner guide to makeup
Mineral makeup
Mascara tips
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