Pictures Of Breasts With Narrow Roots, In Too Wide and Correct Underwires (NSFW)

   When you have found your correct bra size, you may still struggle with underwire width. The root or base of the breasts (the part that is attached to the chest) can range from very wide to very narrow. I have explained this here, and here. For G+ cups, this is also relevant. Also, remember that brands like Triumph have flimsy underwires that stretch out too much.
    Sometimes you know that your breasts have a narrow or wide root, sometimes you need to try out brands with underwires that are wide (Panache) or narrow (Freya, Comexim) to know. The underwire under the armpit should like more or less flush with the inframammery fold (the fold or crease where your boobs end under the armpit). If goes much beyond that and seems to be on your back, it is too wide. If it cuts of a part of your boob, it is too narrow.
    But how does that look like in real life? Today three lovely women with breasts that have a narrow root share photos of bras with underwires that did and didn't fit them.

Naked boobies below the fold. Even though it's against my personal convictions, I have censored the nipples so that the blog doesn't get an adult rating. Sigh. Click to read more!

Boobs A

"I'd describe my boobs as having a very narrow root - there's no boob under my armpit, with lots of projection, and fairly even (balanced between full on botton and full on top).  My measurements are as follows:
Underbust snug: 33"
Underbust BTT tight: 31.5
Bust standing: 44.5"
Bust leaning: 47"
Size: 32HH/J

This is what her breasts look like:

Bras with underwires that were too wide for her:

Cleo Lucy 32J:

You can see how the underwire is almost on her back
Red-wire-marks and the inframammery fold. This is how you know the underwires are way too wide.

Freya Ellie 32H:
Notice all the empty space on the bottom/side of cup. Finger indicates where inframammery fold is.

Bras that fit her:

Ewa Michalak SM Trefl 70J/32J:

Wire sits where it needs to be

Ewa Michalak CHP Mak 70J/32J:

"On this, the wire is still slightly too wide, but fits far better than non-EM bras."

Boobs B:

    "I'm an 18 year old with a 28G bust. My measurements are 28.5-29 inches underbust standing and 36/37 inches bust leaning. I tried a 28GG a few months ago and it was too big so I'm sticking with 28G for now (especially since the leaning bust measurement and standing bust measurement can differ by a few inches)."

Curvy Kate Romance in 28G:

   "You can see the cups wrinkling slightly, I believe it's due to the wires stretching or it not being my right size. In my opinion, these wires may not be wide, but they certainly are stretchy and could be worn by someone who needs broad wires."

Curvy Kate, Tease Me, in 28G:

   "I find this band to be very stretchy and stretches the underwires some, but not as much as the Romance. It's also quite shallow."

Freya Taylor 28FF:

   "My favourite, the Freya Taylor 28FF. I believe that these are narrow wires - and perfect for me! I don't feel like see cups are quite big enough for me but it's the bra I wear all the time - I don't touch the CK ones, unfortunately, because the wires don't give me enough support and I find that they dig in on the gore. Not sure what to do with them now.

Bust C:

  "I'm a member of /r/abrathatfits with a very narrow root and thought I'd share these with you. My measurements are:
Underbust loose = 28.9"
Underbust slightly snug = 28.3"
Underbust supertight = 27.5"
Bust standing = 35.5"
Bust leaning parallel = 38"
I recently lost almost 25 lbs and these are my after measurements. My breast tissue is saggy, soft, and compressible due to the weight loss."

   "The Freya is a Just Flew In longline in 28G (runs about a cup small). The bottom of the cup is too shallow for my boob, and no matter how tight I make the straps, the bra always scoots itself down so the underwire rests too low. The wires are also substantially too wide for my root (pink line indicates where my root actually sits)."

   The Comexim is a Paradise in 65G (different sizing system, equivalent to a 30F UK). All pictures are post-scoop-and-swoop. Its wire sits *exactly* in my inframammary fold and cradles my root perfectly. I have never had such a perfect fit. :)

    There you go, ladies. I hope that this will be helpful to anyone trying to figure out their underwire needs. I want to thank the three fantastic women that sent in their photos and made this post possible! Also, I am working on a post on breasts with wide roots, so if anyone would like to submit their photos in bras with broad as well as narrow underwires I'd be thrilled! Just drop me a line at eternalvoyageur (at) gmail(dot) com.

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