*Bra Matrix*

Does any of the below apply to you ?

* You adjust your bra several times during day
* Your breasts sway, jump and jiggle when you walk, or go down the stairs
* Your bra feels uncomfortable, it's a relief to take it off
* You have small breasts, and wear push-up or padded bras to make them look better
* You have big breasts, and your bras look like beige tents
* Even when wearing a bra, your breasts sag
* You have rolls of fat around your armpits, or back
* Your bra straps cut into the skin and feel uncomfortable, but you need to wear them tight to get support.
If you answered YES to one or more of the above, your bra does not fit well.

Don't do this to yourself

A well-fitting bra:

* Feels like you are wearing nothing at all. In fact, you may be reluctant to take it off at night.
* Gives you a beautiful shape of breasts, without padding, no matter what your size or age.
* Holds your breasts firmly, and does not let them sway or bounce.
* Is beautiful and sexy, even if it's a very large size.
* Does not budge from it's place, even when you do jumping jacks.

This is what you can expect from your boobs after you have read this blog:

     This is me, both photos taken on the same day!

Articles and links that will help you find a bra that fits perfectly:

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Basics of Bra Fitting: Start Here ! Calculating your correct size, your band is too loose, you don't know how to put on a bra.

Resources: bra size calculator, app, charts, tables of non-standard (v. big or small) cups and bands.

Before & afters: see what a huge change !

Troubleshooting: pinching underwires, slipping straps and baggy cups.

Bra-logy: what's the difference between half-cups and balconettes ? 

Buying bras: How to buy good & pretty but inexpensive bras in a wide size range. Afraid of buying online ? Here's all you need to know.

Push-ups and cleavage-enhancing: which will squash your breast tissue and which won't.

Maternity: why most pregnancy & nursing bras are crap. What do you need to get support and maintain a good breast shape ?

Swimwear: bra sizing in bikinis and swimsuits. Full-busted girls and bikinis.

Your bras and you: musings on breast sizes, and the size of your bra wardrobe.

Great bra blogs: fantastic articles, blogs and videos on bra fitting

Foreign pages: in many languages.

Basics of Bra fitting (Start here !)


Electronic bra size calculator (international) Updated again!
Bra size table (UK sizes)
Table of non standard cups (large-cupped and small-cupped bra models)
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Buying Bras:

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Cleavage enhancing:

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>Maternity and Pregnancy Bras:


Bras and you

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