Shallow Breasts With a Broad Base

shallow breasts wide at the root
   Shallow breasts are broader at the root but don't stick out much. Their base is much bigger than the depth. They often start very high up, at the collar bones; so they cover more chest area than other breast types. Most of the breast tissue stays close to the ribcage. Such breasts are are usually small. From the side some look like triangles, some however are fuller at the bottom, some look like like an oval cut legthwise (or a paranthesis mark). For one example of such breasts, check out these photos on Smallcup.
    Actually, I will use the term "shallow breasts" for breasts that are broader at their base than --- and stay very close to the ribcage. But shallow breasts is not a category of its own, shallow breasts may also broad, narrow, close set, far set, and so on. However, all breast kinds that are also shallow have the same fitting issues: they usually need smaller cups than the table suggests, and they find that most bra cups are either too deep or cut off the top part of the breast (or both).

    Shallow breasts are often hard to pick a bra for, but have many advantages otherwise -- they are self-supported, usually firm, don't go all over the place, and look great in all kinds of swimwear.

Not to be confused with:

* Full-on-top breasts -- these are simply breasts that are not-bottom-heavy or tear shape.
* Wide breasts -- these are breasts that need broad underwires. Of course SHallo breasts may also be wide (or narrow).

bra models good for shallow breasts

Bra model suggestions for breasts full at the root: 

    The cup should not be to deep (it should be shaped kinda like a wok), and the top of the cup should be "open" (it should not cut into the breast).
    Cups with vertical seams are more likely to be "open" at the top.
   Usually low-cut half cups and balcony styles work well, especially the ones with vertical seams. Also "open" plunges (where the inner edge is looser and doesn't cut the breasts in half).
    Bras for implants / post-surgery bras are usually perfect for these kind of breasts.

Here are some brand / model recommendations. Remember that not all will work for you, because shallow breasts come in many different shapes.

All Le Mystere bras (post-surgery)
Most Masquerades, especially the older models. Inca, Maia, Pandora, Georgiana, Antoinette, Delphi and Rosetti, Anise, Orla
Ruby Pink Fifi Padded (highly recommended, but hard to get)
Gossard Esprit Balconette Halfcup (try Ebay for this one)
Gossard Reverie
Audelle (Lepel) all padded bras, especially Rosa, Fiore
Freya Retro, Deco half-cup (not the plunge!), padded halfcups with the vertical seams like the "Summer cut" , longlines. Don't even think of trying the unpadded Freyas.  Panache Confetti Balconette, Panache Harmony Balconette - Panache Andorra Fullcup only for larger sizes above E/F-cup.
Ewa Michalak PL or 3D please, HM and HP work too but are often too narrow.
Fauve India Half cup, Isobel Padded Plunge, Merissa Padded Halfcup, Mia Padded Plunge, Bethany Halfcup, in general anything padded and seamed by Fauve
Cleo Roby, Marcie, Lucy, Juna (plus all related cuts of the Juna ) Don't try the Cleo Jude, it is very shallow but the rim is too closed on that, ditto for the other plunges like Sally  Rigby n Peller Isabella half-cup
Pour Moi? Opulence Plunge
Curvy Kate halfcups, the 
Tease Me/Thrill Me /Entice/Fleurty line and the TemptMe/Wild plunges. Don't try the unpadded Curvy Kates except maybe the Romance.
b.tempt'd by Wacoal, especially the Ciao Bella
Some bras by Chantelle, especially the unpadded halfcups like Chantelle Rive Gauche halfcup bra, Chantelle Icone halfcup bra
Affinitas and Parfait by Affinitas

Triumph Amourette Halfcup
Some bras by Betsey Johnson, especially Stocking Stripe Lined Demi and Eyelet Lace Demi
Ultimo Ella, Ultimo Embrace
Some M&S bras tend to work, it is a bit like playing the lottery with them though, I would only recommend M&S for those who are in the UK and can try them on

   If any of these bras is not available in the online stores anyomer, do check on Ebay (especially British ebay), that's where bra collections go to die as well as the bra sale / swap pages of Bratabase, reddit/ABraThatFits or the bra fiting community in your country.

   Do you have shallow breasts? Do you have any other term for them? Know of any good bra for such breasts? I'd also love links to any bra bloggers with shallow breasts. Let me know in the comments!

Sources: Smallcup, Lobby Biusciastych

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