Weekend reads 01-05-2008

I haven't been doing the weekend read posts for quite a while, but I've reformed ;)

So, here is stuff to tide you over till Monday.

Cremes, beiges & co.: In response to my confusion of the differences between these colour, The Space Between My Peers wrote a great post on an easy way to find which one is flattering for you.

Another great article on the same topic by youlookfab.

* You'd love to see Machu Picchu but have no time/cash/whatever ? This is the closest you can get without actually going there.

* Fabulously broke has choosen living greener as her challenge for this month. My lifestyle is already quite green, but she reminds me that there is always more that we can do.

The right length for tops worn over pants and skirts. A must read !

* Gala darling has recently gone raw, and now she talks about deciphering your cravings.

10 Ideas to Get You Exercising.

And of course something from xkcd:

*Friday Feature*

featured photographer: Lightspectral
I've absolutely fallen in love with her photography ! Looking through her work takes you on a journey into a faerie world... She captures the tiniest treasures of the world, with captivating simplicity and an amazing eye for light.

featured blog: Unclutterer

"Chances are you don’t have as much space as you’d like, so you need to make the most of the space you do have. This doesn’t just mean finding a new nook in which to cram more clutter, or devising a clever way to stack piles of papers. Instead it’s about streamlining your space and your possessions so that you can be more efficient at work and enjoy a more relaxing and serene environment at home."

    Unclutterer is all about organising your space and your life. Whether you're swimming in a pile of junk and need help to do something with it, or you're a neat freak (or both -- like me), this place has lots of interesting articles for you. Unclutterer tackles a wide range of topics: digital clutter on your computer, kid clutter, lovely tiny organizing tips, to simple living, and much more. Extreme minimalism mondayare a tongue-in-cheek feature that I look forward to at the start of every week !

Recent interesting articles on Unclutterer:

Managing computer file clutter
Handling sentimental clutter
Exploring procrastination
The Real Cost of Financial Clutter on the Road to a Remarkable Life
Using Flickr to get rid of your adult child’s clutter in your home
Put membership numbers on cell phone

Photo: Rushour by Omsel

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