Use conditioner as shampoo

To treat dandruff, oily or dry hair, try using a hair conditioner as shampoo. No, don't close this window yet. Just any conditioner won't do. To get it right, read on.

What kind of conditioner ? 

  • Zero film formers (ingredients causing product buildup): silicon, polyquaternium, glycerin or liquid paraffin.
  • A short & simple ingredient list
  • Preferably with glyceryl cocoate, then it works like a gentle shampoo.
  • Preferably cheap, since you need to use quite a bit each time.
This is very important, because if you choose the wrong type of conditioner then you'll just get heavy and oily hair.
Tip: a simple way to test your conditioner for "lightness" is dabbing a little on your fingertips, rubbing, placing them under water. If the conditioner washes of instantly, without slickness, then it's probably light enough to use instead of a shampoo !

How to ? 

  The author of this method recommends applying the conditioner on wet hair, and massaging it slowly into the scalp, for a long time. Then, leave it on the hair for a bit.

First time tips:

   Before doing this for the first time, clean your hair thoroughly of silicon and other buildup (unless you have been avoiding that). To do this, the author of the method recommends adding refined soda to the shampoo, and finally rinsing with a solution of vinegar or lemon juice in water. You can also add aspirin dissolved in water (it also nicely massages the scalp).

The first few times washing your hair with a conditioner will bring disappointment, because the scalp is used to harsher products. But after a few washes, the scalp should normalize itself and your dandruff should go away.

How does it work ? 

    Shampoos, especially those with SLS can often be too aggressive.
Dandruff is often just the reaction of very sensitive scalp skin to the chemicals in shampoos.
The harsh cleansing agents can further aggravate the dryness of a dry scalp.
When it comes to oily hair, harsh detergents stimulate the pores to produce more sebum !

Remember, to use this treatment you need to avoid the more "sticky" silicons in your styling products.

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Sources: motowngirlLaboratorium Urody

Photo by Eternal*Voyageur

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