Lesser-known facts about Virgos

Image from xkcd
Explains why I started this blog.

  • Virgos actually dislike cleaning. Yep, that's what I said. Dirt makes them nervous, so cleaning is a necessity. I mean Necessity. (Those with their moon in Virgo do like cleaning,BTW)
  • Travel works marvels for a Virgo, since monotony increases their restlessness and makes them ill.
  • Virgos do have an imagination. They just keep it well-hidden from most people, since they are shy about it.
  • Virgos are not selfish, but they are narcissistic.
  • They are extremely critical of their appearance, whether in person or in a photograph. They often check their reflections in mirrors and tidy their hair when they think that nobody's watching.
  • Virgos have an inner voice that judges and criticises everything they do. Not fun, believe me. That's the reason they bluntly refuse to accept even more criticism from other people.
  • Although most Virgos have a thing for healthy food, they love to gorge on chocolate too. They usually do feel properly guilty afterwards.
  • Virgo's secret worries and repressed emotions manifest themselves in two ways: indigestion and an untidy home.

This is a part of an astrology website I used to have. I never had luck with the hosts, every time I moved to a new one, it crashed. I'm thinking to upload bits of it here, since I don't have a heart to make a site again.What do you think?

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