Make that journey already !


Is travelling a little dream at the back of your mind, something that you'd like to to, but have never gotten around to ?
Don't think about it any longer.
Just go !

Believe me, this will be one of the best things you will do in your life.

Go far. Go to another country, preferably to another continent and another culture.

You'll see how smiles and crazy arm-flapping transcend communication barriers.

You'll find that each thing can be done in ten different ways. And you'll see that the way you do it may look totally ridiculous from another point of view.

And you'll realise that you don't have to do things the way your peers do. You have choices.

Pack light.

You will learn that you can live without your hair-dryer, your Starbucks and your routine. You will never even miss them.

You will realise how privileged your life has been. And that those people living in mud houses are happier than you.

You will find that someone on the other side of the globe may understands you way better than your neighbour does. And that you don't have to die in the town you were born in.

You will realise that you can leave it all behind. Just like that. You just need to want it.

Don't take a package tour. You can discover yourself only when travelling by yourself.

You will get lost, and you'll find the way again, and make new experiences.

Even if you get ripped off, you'll come back a hundred times richer with experience.

Challenge yourself. Climb some mountains. Get lost in mazes of tiny lanes. Eat something you don't recognise. Teach someone to cook a dish from your homeland.

Go from beauty queen to ugly hag and vice-versa just by changing continents. Pick up a weird accent.

See how different the rain is in each part of the world. Get wet. Jump right in.

Just go.

You'll have the best time of your life.

Photo by ganbate_panda


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