Online bra calculators: your breasts are out of range

That's what this bra-size calculator tells you if you don't fit into the small selection of sizes produced by that company.

Try these measurements:
1 Below: 75
2 Bust: 112
3 Above: 97

And the calculator can't cope with that. Such busts don't exist.
Or do they ? Are such measurements only found on mutants ? Like two or three persons on the entire face of earth ?
No, actually a whole big bunch of nice normal girls have similar measurements.
That's actually 70(30)JJ. This is what it looks like. Companies such as Fantasie and Panache sell a whole bunch of gorgeous bras in this size. Update: Brastop has even more !

Curious, I put in my pre-pregnancy measurements into this calculator. I got 70(32)B. That's a step better than what I was wearing, but still a far cry from the correct 65D for those measurements (photos here).

I put in my current measurements (70/89cm). I got 70(32)C... I am wearing a 65(30)FF, and my bust has never looked or felt better !

Anyway, what did we expect from a site called "85B" ?
Although advertised as on of the most common sizes, in reality 85B is pretty rare. The most common size seems to be 30(65)FF ! This is what 30(65)FF looks like. And this is a real 85(38)B. By real I mean someone who actually should be wearing a 38B, not someone who is wrongly fitted with this size !

Moral of the story: most online bra calculators suck. If you want one that actually gives you the right size, try *this one*.

Photo via llohan


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