Best Natural Lip Balm Ever


Dear V.

   You gave me a tube of lanolin nipple treatment. I took it, figuring out I´d find some way of using it, like on my heels or something (after all, it´s pure lanolin). I just found out it´s an awesome lip balm. It stays on the lips, and it´s tasteless. And yes, it can be used on elbows and heels too.

                          -- E*V

   Before I got my paws on lanolin, I used Shea butter that I kept in a clear plastic coin case. It doesn´t stay put on the lips like lanolin does, but does it´s job well. The funny thing is that it absorbed a bit of my essential oil perfume, which was in the same pouch. Kinda like cross-pollination.

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Photo by Niina ♥ C    

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