Reader Question: Tops Of Bra Cups Are To Baggy !


I have a question regarding how the tops of unlined soft cup bras like this one should be like.  I tried it on, and the cups fit fine when I stand up straight, but when I reach over with my arms or slouch a little, the top gets baggy.  It makes sense for it to do that (I'm fuller on the bottom), but I'm not quite sure if it actually should since I've never owned those mesh type bras (only t-shirt bras or with foam lining).  What do you think?

  Thanks for the question, Gabrielle ! I love love love answering reader´s questions, not only it lets me know that someone is actually reading my stuff, it also shows me topics I´ve missed. Anyway, back to your question:

  Forget full-cup styles. Breasts that are not full on the top (aka tear-drop shape) look way better in half-cups and balconette styles. Full-cups are reserved for very round breasts that are full on the top, and only those that are reasonably firm. All others either get an empty space in the top part, or a duck-beak shape (caused by the center horizontal seam that most fullcups have). I´ve got tear-drop shaped breasts myself, so I´ve experienced this on my own skin boobs.

  So how should the top part of the cups lie ? It´s ok if the top gets baggy when you raise your arms or bend down: as long as it´s flush with the breasts when you stand straight (don´t slouch when you´re trying on your bras !) The lower the top of the cup is cut (that means the cups have less fabric, and are more revealing), the less baggy it will be.  The top edge of the cups varies quite a bit between bra models, so you need to try different ones to find something that fits you. I found that Panache Venus has such a snug top edge that at first I thought the cup was one size too small. But a lot of others were baggy even when I stood straight.

  Try tightening the shoulder straps a little: this usually helps a bit.

  Empty space around the center of the cup is a different topic though, that often means that the owner´s firm bust refuse to be crammed into cups that are too small.

  Lastly, it´s great that you are trying out soft-cup bras. They support the breasts while adapting to their shape, unlike padded and moulded cups which mould the breasts into the shape of the cups. As you are younger, wearing soft bras will help the breasts keep their natural shape and not get kneaded. I´d suggest reserving padded bras for when you need them: like under T-shirts or when you get old.

Coming up: what´s the difference between full-cups, half-cups and balconnettes ?

Note: the owl is completely unrelated to bras, but I´ve run out of tasteful and interesting bra photos. I want to make mothers showing my posts to their daughters, so I don´t want to feature anything with too much nudity, beautiful as it might be. 


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