How To Get Rid Of Butt Pimples (And Keep Them From Returning)

How To Get Rid Of Butt Pimples (And Keep Them From Returning)

Should I have written "How to banish blemishes from your behind" ? That would sound more ladylike, but somehow I don´t think that´s what anyone with an acne-ridden behind will be Googling.

The Truth about Butt Pimples:

Everything happens for a reason. So do Butt Pimples. Instead of applying stuff on the pimples to make them go away (and repeating ad nauseum as new ones emerge), find the Cause and remove it.

Scrubbing the butt with medicated soap and applying anti-acne products works just on the symptoms, ignoring the fact that pimples (on the butt or elsewhere) don´t just appear by themselves. Something (whether inside you or outside) is causing them. It may be an allergic reaction to junk food, or to cleaning products (that anti-bacterial soap, laundry detergent or toilet cleaner); or pores blocked due to sweat and grime.

Disclaimer: This advice is for those of you who have small, red bumps. If what you have is a major infection, you need to stop Googling for remedies and literally take your behind to a dermatologist. You might have issues with hormones or a lack of minerals in the body. Embarassed ? I assure you your doc has seen worse, come one, he dissected corpses during training so I´m sure that pimply behinds are run-on-the-mill stuff for them.

Causes of butt pimples:


Some people are sensitive to cold, and get pimples on the butt due to their posterior freezing off all autumn and winter. If that´s you, try panties that give more coverage (read: no thongs). Wear stockings or leggings under trousers whenever the temperature drop.

Heat & Sweat:

Do you sweat a lot there ? What do you wear ? Try cotton underwear, and either loose & airy undies, or thongs / strings. (Before you tell me that you hate thongs, you need to try them for one whole week. After that you´ll either totally love them, or totally hate them). Wear skirts (if you´re a girl), or trousers made of airy natural fabrics. Talc might not be the best solution, as it tends to block pores. May I suggest white cosmetic clay (Kaolin) or cornstarch instead ? Also remember that how you sweat is related to what you eat.

Your washing detergent & softener:

Typical detergents are often very harsh, and irritate the skin where it´s in constant contact with the fabric. It´s been a couple of years since I´ve switched to an ecological detergent, and my hands often start itching when I visit the detergent section in a normal store --- that´s how harsh a lot of detergents are !
Try switching to a gentler, ecological washing detergent. Use less detergent, most of us use much more than needed (an this doesn´t make the clothes any cleaner). Make sure that everything is rinsed well. And don´t forget the softener: since it´s not rinsed out, it rubs off on the skin !

Your toilet seat: too dirty or too clean ?

Clean it often, but use a gentle, eco-friendly detergent. Lots of people use really harsh chemicals, forgetting that lots of it lands up on their skin in the end... I prefer straight undiluted white vinegar, it removes stains, disinfects and it´s green.

Jeans allergy ?

A lot of girls report that their pimples went away when they started limiting their jeans wear, or at least wearing full-coverage panties underneath. I´m not sure what´s the explanation, but I´m thinking thick warm fabric, rough texture, jeans dye, and the fact that we typically wash our jeans like... not very often. If you´re a chronic jeans wearer, try to go without jeans for a week to determine whether they are the cause for the pimples.

Check what goes into your mouth

A LOT of cosmetic problems are caused by junk food, coffee, alcohol. Also, food allergies might be a cause (apart from the usual culprits, dairy and gluten are badly tolerated by a lot of us). Chances are you already know what it is that is harming you, so use the desire for a beautifully smooth behind as motivation to dump (or limit) it. Drink water. Expect detox in the first week or two: that´s when your symptoms get worse as the body starts releasing the toxins stored in the fat; after this phase is over you start to see the positive results.

DON`T use medicated or antibacterial soap

This will only dry out the area, and this prevents the skin from healing. Use a gentle soap, without SLS. Hypoallergenic soaps are usually gentler, and of course Castille soap is the gentlest of all.

Kepp away from salicylic acid

This is a common ingredient in anti-acne products. It causes the skin to exfoliate, and is pretty harsh. It should be used only on healthy skin, certainly not on one aggravated by pimples. It will irritate and over-dry the area, preventing healing.


Breakouts are closely connected to stress levels. I highly recommend sports as a let-out for the negative emotions.

Check back tomorrow for DIY recipes for a smooth behind ! Till then !

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