Mineral Nail File From P2 Is Actually A Ruby File!

P2 Mineral Nail File

   Remember my rave about ruby nail files? Turns out I didn't have to order them from halfway around the world after all. I wandered into the DM Drogerie (a lovely drugstore with an ecological bend of mind) with a bit of extra time on my hands. And guess what was peeking at me from among the P2 nail products? A pink nail file, labeled "mineral". I inspected it and yes, it really was a ruby file.
     Now, I broke my old ruby file (that's the only downside to them -- they break when they fall) but I used it anyway, I love it that much. It allows me to file my nails back and forth (a big no-no with most other nail files) and I also use it on my cuticles: it works like a pumice, smoothing away jagged skin around the nails. Works way better than a cuticle trimmer (which I'm not very good at wielding, just so you know).
     The one from P2 is prettier than my old one (the photo above is flattering, but still), has a plastic handle meant to push back the cuticle (is this actually useful?) and set me back 2,25€.
     I know you might not have a DM around the corner unless you happen to live in Germany or Austria, but do poke around your neighbourhood drugstore -- it looks as ruby nail files are going mainstream so there are chances you might find one! Remember you heard about them here first ;)
   Oh, and if you ever do buy a ruby nail file, remember to clean it with a brush from time to time since the skin cells collecting between the crystal make it blunt.

   I just realised that the 8-year-old me would have been stoked to know some day I'll be filing my nails with rubies (albeit synthetic ones). I remember being excited about my dad's drill being diamond tipped!

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