Why This Blog

I've started this blog to share my beauty discoveries, on my journey on a better beauty path: safe, effective and cruelty-free.

The truth:

Most mainstream cosmetics contain harmful ingredients. 
Cosmetic companies don't want what is best for us, they want to earn maximum cash with minimum effort.
Harmful chemicals are common in make-up and skin-care products: lead in lipstick, SLS in face washes, talc in compacts...   Not to mention harmful chemical conservants just so that the cosmetic can stay on the shelf for years. The chemical composition of a cosmetic is like black magic to most people. That's what the cosmetic manufacturers count on. Dazzled by the colours of the packaging, hypnotised by the promises on that tube, we shell out our cash, and hope, pray and believe that the cream will work the wonders we saw on it's TV ad !
  The advertised wonder ingredient is often in trace quantities... not enough to really work !

    Not only we harm our skin with harsh chemicals,in the long run we make our skin dependent on external nutrients, so that it loses it's natural ability to regenerate.

   The people with the best skin that I've seen were those that haven't used anything on it.
   Just think: if expensive cosmetics were all that they promised, then wouldn't the likes of Madonna (who can afford the very "best" ones) look much better than she does ? I mean, google for pics of her without make-up : bad skin, wrinkles... I've got a neighbour who looks much better at the same age !

  It's up to you to research whether a cosmetic is harmful or not, and whether it's worth the money.

 If you think that cosmetic companies are busy creating the best beauty solutions for you... forget it ! It's all business !

Another issue very important for me is using cruelty-free products.

 Why use products that have not been tested on animals 

These experiments are horrific.
Estimates of the number of animals tortured and killed annually in U.S. laboratories vary widely but are in the millions. more info here

They are unnecessary
  • These experiments are scientifically unreliable in predicting effects in humans, studies show that because of vast physiological variations between species, human reactions to illnesses and drugs are completely different from those of other animals
  • Even if a product has blinded an animal, it can still be marketed to you. 
  • These tests are not required by law. 
  • There are many non-animal alternatives that offer a cheaper, quicker and more accuratesolution.

There exist many alternatives
  • There exist many companies that don't test on animals. So, it is realistic and possible not to test on animals, and still create products safe for human use. PETA's Shopping Guide for Caring Consumers
  • Many of the non-animal tests are actually better and more accurate than those on animaly, since they use replicas of human skin.

REMEMBER: if you're not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.
It is us, the consumers, who ultimately decide what is manufactured and sold by companies. 

Boycott animal-tested cosmetics ! Be beautiful from the inside as well as on the outside !

Use these links for lists of companies that test or don't test. Or simply Google the company name, along with "animal testing", and you will see whether the company is cruelty-free or not.

Still not convinced ? Watch this video.

   ... and if you can, pass this information on. Post it in your blog, talk to your friends, start a forum thread. Most people have a heart, they just have not been informed about this problem.

                                             -- love, Eternal*Voyageur

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