Powder foundation trick: the wet method for a dewy natural look

This trick makes you look natural and dewy, instead of a powdered peach.

What the base needs to blend into the skin and set is a bit of moisture.

After applying the base (mineral foundation) and blending it in, dab (press, don´t rub) the whole face with a moist cotton. Ta-da ! Remember, you are sealing in, not blending. The blending is done before with the brush (blend it with small circular movements with a mineral makeup brush).
If you want to apply a finishing powder, wait till the face is dry.

The cotton can be moistened with water, a hydrolat (like rose water), thermal water or a toner.
This trick also allows you to control the amount of base you´ve used: if anything does come off on on the cotton, it means you have applied to much base. I was really surprised that after dabbing my whole face the cotton was almost completely clean !

Some prefer to mist the face with water / whatever, but personally I like the cotton wool method much more precise. It´s also much easier than wetting the base or applying dry base on a wet face.

Source: the amazing ladies at wizaz.pl 

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