Plopping for curls, using grips

This grip also works

Plopping is a way of enhancing waves and curls by drying the hair plopped on top of the head. The basic plopping method is described here, so I won't repeat it. What I would like to share with you guys is an alternative way to plop, without a cloth.

The advantages of using a hair grip over a towel / T-shirt is: it's easier, you have more control and you can leave it on till the hair is completely dry (it also dries faster than under a towel).

Grab your hair.
My hair looks weird because it's literally been dunked in flaxseed gel.

 Pile it on top of your head.
Piling it randomly rather than making an elaborate bun allows the hair to follow it's natural twists.

Secure with a grip:

And let dry !

No after photos, because my hair is going through a conditioner-washing hard adjustment phase, and it's rather heavy and limp at the moment. Let it suffice that the flaxseed gel together with plopping gives me lift, body and delicious waves.

I sometimes plop after scrunching flaxseed gel into dry hair. The gel feels a bit stiff when applied on dry hair, but then I discovered that showering with plopped, gelled hair makes softens it. 

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