When it comes to risky ingredients, which product you should worry about most ?

"I´d like to switch to more natural cosmetics, but I don´t have the cash to buy everything again. So which products I should start with ? I´m more concerned with health risks than skin problems, since my skin is behaving itself."

    The products you need to worry about are the ones that stay on your skin for a long time, for example deodorant and moisturiser. Products that come into contact with the skin only for a short time (for eg. face wash or shampoo) are not so risky.
    Once upon a time the skin was seen as a barrier. Today we know that up to 60% of whatever we place on our skin goes into our blood stream. If a product stays on our skin for hours, chances are parts of it will end up inside us.
    When buying long-contact cosmetics, you have the options of either checking the ingredient list, buying from a certified natural brand, or DIY-ing.

   Also, anything that comes into contact with sensitive areas should be toxin-free. I´m talking eye-makeup remover (use olive oil) or intimate hygiene products (they aren´t good for you in general).

    And deodorant ? I recommend the crystal deos, they won´t put a dent into your pocket (in fact it lasts so long that you´ll be saving money !)


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