How I store my jewelry

    I´m a visual person, so I need to have an overview of my stuff. I do love little bags and boxes, but as my jewelry collection grew, I no longer remembered what I had.

This is how I store everything except earrings and special (fragile or expensive) jewelry:

It´s a part of an Ikea Pax wardrobe. I must say nothing beats the Pax when it comes to functionality and saving space (at least not in this price range). I have planned my Pax to use up every last centimeter, and I love how practical it is. 

    The black hook that slides out is the Ikea Komplement pull-out rack. You could probably mount it on any wardrobe, as long as you don´ t mind making some holes. It takes up zero space when it´s pushed in, and when I pull it out I get a good overview of my necklaces. I want to get a couple of more to hang my belts and headscarves. 

The drawer holds my jewelry, sorted by colour. That makes it easy to grab something matching when I´m in a hurry. I can´t find the drawer on the Ikea site, but for those who don´ t like wood there is also this option.

Yes, I actually do sort my tops by colour

I have to admit I got inspired by this photo. Again, the organiser is from Ikea.

Close up of my IKEA organizer

This is how I store my earrings:

   Yes, I had to consume large amounts of pralines to make those boxes empty ! Again, the earrings are kinda arranged by colour. The boxes fit the drawer almost perfectly.

   The fragile stuff, and special pieces that I wear only occasionally got their own separate box, where they live in the pretty boxes and bags.

    So, this is how I store my jewelry. How do you store yours ?
   I haven´t figured out how to store my makeup. I haven´t got much, but it´s overwhelming me already. Any ideas ?

Photos by Eternal*Voyageur    

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