My notes on surviving the adjustment period of conditioner-only washing

I have been co-washing since a month. Right now the adjustment period is coming to an end. My hair stopped being lank and heavy, and is starting to curl, from the bottom up -- a little higher every week !

Anyway, during the adjustment period I spent ages searching for what I could be going wrong. I made these notes, and I thought to share them here:

* Scrub, scrub, really scrub the scalp while washing.

* Re-check all hair products for silicones.

* Clarify with baking soda + conditioner. Follow with apple cider vinegar rinse.

* Try alternating conditioner washes with water-only washes.

* Wavies may need to shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo every now and then.

* Try a protein treatment, to give the hair strength to stay up.

* Regularly drool over this thread (note, you may have to register to see pics. But it's totally worth it.)

* Remember that the adjustment period is only temporary !

Source: Naturally Curly forum

   I must say that Inaeorf's comment helped my survive. I kept on telling myself: it's just 6 weeks, I can do this !

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