Monday, March 21, 2011

Makeup for Hooded Eyes

     I´m no makeup expert, but I wanted to share this because it took me so long to find this stuff out. For a long time I didn´t understand why on earth a lot of eye makeup looked terrible on me, especially the smokey eye. I had no idea I had hooded eyes. This is because hooded eyes are explained like this:

This looks NOTHING like a real hooded eye. At least it looks nothing like mine.

This is a real hooded eye -- Blake Lively on the left:

   You don´t see any sagging or puffy upper lid (at least not when you´re young). What you do see is that the moveable eyelid is almost hidden (compare hers to his).

   From this weird angle you see how the upper eyelid obscures the lower eyelid:

The basics rules for makeup for  hooded ayes are:

* Light colour on the moveable lid. A dark colour or thick eyeliner will make it disappear completely.
* Dark colours should be avoided, since they can make the eye look really deep-set (unless you know what you are doing).
* A medium colour a little above the crease (on the "hood" part of the upper eyelid). No shimmer here, please !
* Tons of mascara, and fake lashes for big events.

   Here Blake rocks the basic makeup look: 

Tutorials and explanations:

* By the same authors, detailed explanations of basic makeup for hooded eyes. Her explanations are really good, although I wish she´d simplify her tutorial format.
* This lady has a very different approach to her hooded eyes -- using a lot of dark eye liner and shadow to create an elongated exotic cat eye.

Celebs with hooded eyes:
   You can learn a lot by observing their eye makeup.

Also, these stars are living proof of the fact that hooded eyes are beautiful in their own way, and should not be seen as a liability.
Catherin Zeta-Jones

Renee Zellweger

Anne Hathaway
Paris Hilton

Faye Dunway (pre-surgery)

Madonna -- sometimes eyes on mature women look hooded

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  1. My eyes are the hooded Asian ones...people always make fun on me for them, and I never knew what to do with them, haha.

    Now I do C:

  2. This advice is fabulous and I read the post by Princess Farina - isn't she a darling? I noticed my eyes starting to look a bit hooded in my late 30s so I'll be playing around with some of these tips. xo

  3. Mintylotus -- until I read that eye comparison post, I always secretly wondered how Asian eyes work. I found them beautiful, but I couldn´t figure out the mechanics, lol. As a kid I used to tape the skin on my temples to give myself East Asian eyes :)

    Pull Your Socks Up! -- I love the way Princess Farina learned to love her eyes and turn them into her best asset.
    My eyes were always hooded, though it´s more of a puffy hoodedness like Blake Lively. Looking at my family I know there is going to be major sag there in a couple of decades, sigh...

  4. thank you so much for sharing this :)

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I thought I had weird eyes lol.

  6. This post is really helpful!!! :) I recently discovered I have hooded eyes. This is the reason that I couldn't apply makeup as gurus do on youtube. I always seem to do it wrong. I've read about hooded eyes before but they're depicted differently and the description is really exaggerated. So I last night I searched thoroughly about it and at first I'm the denial stage. But I was actually very glad when I saw that a lot of celebrities --- beautiful celebrities--- have hooded eyes too! I'm not considering surgery unless my eyes become too puffy that it compromises my eyesight already, which happens to some people. Right now, all I have to do is practice how to apply the right makeup for my hooded eyes! <3

    xoxo, Paupeeh

  7. Paupeeh I had exactly the same problem so I totally get you. Smokey eyes look terrible on me and I couldn't understand why!

  8. Please, her name is Princess Farhana, not Farina.
    She's a friend of mine, and a totally rockin' gal...

    Some of you may remember her punk days as Pleasant Gehmann :)

  9. PS.. I love, love love your blog, and send my friends here for your super Bra Matrix posts.
    I'm a 30H who used to think I was a 36DDD. ;)

  10. Hey Redhead Fae, thanks a lot!!! I'm so happy you like my blog and that it helped you find your really bra size. Also, you are lucky to have such a rad friend.

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  13. Great post! I have hooded eyes myself, & many of the Youtube tutorials for hooded eyes are often times these young 'beauty gurus' that really only know how to do makeup on themselves saying 'this is great for hooded eyes!' when first off, they themselves don't have them, plus they really don't do makeup on other people. Or, many of the tutorials where the person actually has them will be on Asian eyes. I'm caucasian, so my eyes are hooded, just in a different way than say, an Asian person's. So this was helpful to me.