Makeup for Hooded Eyes

     I´m no makeup expert, but I wanted to share this because it took me so long to find this stuff out. For a long time I didn´t understand why on earth a lot of eye makeup looked terrible on me, especially the smokey eye. I had no idea I had hooded eyes. This is because hooded eyes are explained like this:

These are hooded eyes, but only some are so hooded. At least it looks nothing like mine.

This is a more common hooded eye -- Blake Lively:

   You don´t see any sagging or puffy upper lid (at least not when you´re young). What you do see is that the moveable eyelid is almost hidden (compare hers to his).

   From this weird angle you see how the upper eyelid obscures the lower eyelid:

The basics rules for makeup for  hooded ayes are:

* Light colour on the moveable lid. A dark colour or thick eyeliner will make it disappear completely.
* Dark colours should be avoided, since they can make the eye look really deep-set (unless you know what you are doing).
* A medium colour a little above the crease (on the "hood" part of the upper eyelid). No shimmer here, please !
* Tons of mascara, and fake lashes for big events.

Tutorials and explanations:

* This lady has a very different approach to her hooded eyes -- using a lot of dark eye liner and shadow to create an elongated exotic cat eye.

Celebs with hooded eyes:
   You can learn a lot by observing their eye makeup. Also, these stars are living proof of the fact that hooded eyes are beautiful, and not a flaw to bie fixed:

Faye Dunway (pre-surgery)

Paris Hilton

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Anne Hathaway

Check these out: