Problems with flaking skin


      I am dealing with seborrhea on my scalp and face. Seborrhea is a fungus that looks like dandruff when its on the head, but it can also invade different parts of the body. It makes the skin flake off in silvery-white patches. It´s medically harmless, but aesthetically annoying. And it´s really hard to get rid of.

   I have pretty much ignored the flaking skin on the sides of my nose and between my eyebrows, until I started using mineral makeup. The foundation really made the little flakes show, so I exfoliated really thoroughly with my microfibre cloth. But as soon as I started blending in the foundation with the brush, out came the flakes again. I actually exfoliated again, and the flakes still reappeared.
    The flakes wouldn´t go away no matter what I tried, so I asked my doc. She told me to try Dr. Hauschka Med´s Intensive Ice Plant Cream. Its meant for flaky irritated skin, as well as for neurodermitis problems. It´s part of the Med line, so you might not see it on Dr Hauschka´s web page. I paid 20€ for it which I consider a lot for a beauty product, but it´s been worth it.
    When I started using it, the skin on the sides of my nose peeled off (like in peeled, not flaked). Four weeks later, there is no sign of flaking and my skin fells really good. The cream is very moisturising without being the least bit oily. I´m very pleased with the results so far. So if you have problems with irritated, itchy or flaky skin, I recommend you give it a try. Stores that carry it give out samples if you ask.

    The flaking on my head is another story. The product I´m using is not helping, although it works amazingly well on my guy. Am I doing something wrong, or is my seborrhea more stubborn ? I´d also love to understand what really triggers the spread of this fungus. I´ve heard all kinds of things from emotional blockades to digestive problems, but no clear explanation that would hit home for me.

      Got any tips for me ? Every struggled with flaking skin ? What´s the maximum you´ve ever spent on a beauty product ? Was it worth it ?

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