Weekend reads 28-05-2011

* Home tip: Use Cork To Silence Closing Cabinets

* Bra fitting: A on mother's day a girl and her mom went to a bra fitter to try on those strange British bras that do wonders. You won't understand the post, but the before and after photos speak volumes.

* Make something prettyDIY decorating with masking tape. I can´t believe this is the first time I´ve heard of Japene Washi tape !

* Move: Gym-Going for the Awkward Woman

* Style: How to Find Your Perfect Colors

* Life: Nobody Tells This To Beginners

Here is "The Cup Size Choir" (thanks to Zoe for the link)

I think it´s a cute idea, even though they changed H to B. You can also play your own bra piano

Photo by designyoutrust


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