How I Organise My Belts and Headbands (Pull-out Hook Rack Love)

Remember how I showed you how I hang my necklaces on the Ikea Komplement pull-out rack ?

     These hooks are genius because they stay flat on the side of the wardrobe wall when not needed and can be pulled all the way out so that you can reach whatever is hanging on the very last hook.

    I got a two more of these pull-out hook racks (wanted more but there were only two left) to organise more stuff. 
   Here are my belts:

And here are my bandanas, headscarfs and crochet berets:

   I want to get a couple more when I'm at Ikea again. I am thinking of hanging up bracelets, tank tops and... I wonder what else I could store like that ?

PS Pardon the irregular posting. I am doing overtime theater practice and helping to organise a hoopdance convention and that takes up most of my time and creative juices.

Photos by Eternal*Voyageur


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