Where I Been and What I Dun

   Hey everyone,

       Sorry for disappearing without warning. I had a lot on my plate in the last few weeks! Most of it was really fun stuff, but it kept me so busy I barely remembered to wash my hair, let alone write a beauty post. All of that is now over and I have been catching up on my sleep.
      I am returning now to the normal blogging schedule. I know, I should have left you guys with some pre-scheduled posts, but I ran out of those when I was in Poland.

      Anyway, as an apology, here are some pretty pics showing what I had been up to:

     The European Hoopdance Convention. We had 80 participants, some very amazing teachers and an amazing atmosphere. I was on the organising team and my duties included standing at the registration desk, talking nervously in front of the 80 participants (I had only 2 minutes of warning!), hunting for toilet paper supplies and figuring how to operate a sound system. I also did tons of workshops, hooped blindfolded and ate way too much chocolate.

Tollwood festival. Ex-alternative, but still pretty fun. 

I could imagine spending all my money for the adorable handmade / fairtrade stuff at Tollwood. 

But my favourite thing from there is a small "nuclear waste" can. It was a part of the Germany-wide protest against nuclear energy that led to the government deciding to close all nuclear power plants within the next two decades or so.

Beer candles. Nothing says Bavaria quite like them.

I took my Finnish guests to Ulmer Münster which is the highest cathedral in the world. It's also very beautiful. It was pure luck that there was a pipe organ concert going on when I got there.

I love the contrast between the old and the modern stained glass windows.
Nearby there was a pin board for sticky notes with prayers, some of which featured Justin Bieber.

I liked this sculpture in the choir stall. The guy's expression, I could look at it for hours.

The Neuschwanstein castle. Built by a king of the romantically insane kind.

We weren't allowed to take any more photos after that. The inside looked like something out of some crazy romantic medieval tale. It's full of swans, painting with scenes from Tristian and Isolde and an indoor cave.

Even the spiders in the forest below are unusually creative...

The castle is in the Alps, and there is a beautiful lake just below in whose cold cold waters I didn't swim (though my Finnish friends were braver than me).

The little town below isn't bad either, though we didn't have the time to explore it.

   Other things that kept me delightfully busy:
* My LED hoop: it was love at first sight. It is white when stationary and bursts into a rainbow when spun. * Sampling delicious beer with my Finnish friends at a local brewery * Trying out aerial silks at the European Juggling Convention. My shoulders still hurt ! * Enrolling at a University. And generally freaking out about it. If all goes well, call me Dr. E*V in a couple of years! * Making buttons (button machines are addictive!) * Planning vacations somewhere abroad (yesss!) * Hoop Jams to flute of the Andes played by some street performer * Getting soaked again and again in this very un-summery weather.

And the grasshopper on the top of this post ? Apparently he liked my kitchen and decided to hang a while.

Photos by Eternal*Voyageur    

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