Do You Like The Changes?

Hello everyone

    You have probably noticed the changes in the blog design and layout (if you are reading this in a reader, click through to see them!)
   I have been tweaking thinks a little after reading the Blog Critiques on The Sits Girls. Things aren't perfect yet, but I'm getting there!
   I have changed the commenting platform --- commenting is as easy as ever, (actually replying to someone's comment is even easier). But now you can choose to have the latest post from your blog displayed below your comment! You can also add smileys to comments :)

    There is also a social sharing button below the post. It allows you to bookmark, print or share the post you liked with your friends via on twitter, e-mail, Facebook and many other services, with just a click.

   Then of course there is the new banner, with tag by Amanda (thanks again!). Like it?

       Let me know if stuff isn't working the way it is supposed to. I've been struggling with CSS all this weekend... Think I'll get better with time?

Check these out: