Love The Mascara? Save The Wand!

   I have been busy as a bee today so instead of a new post you get this little gem from the archives. Enjoy!

   A mascara is only as good as it´s wand. Do you have a mascara you love? It might be the wand you´re actually in love with.

   There is no single perfect want for everybody. It depends on your lashes, the way you apply mascara, and what effect you´re looking for. Sometimes the wand might be perfect but the mascara not (like when it goes on perfectly but flakes off after an hour).

   So if you have finished a mascara you really love, save the wand and try it with the next brand of mascara you buy. You might be surprised how differently mascara works with the wand it came with and another wand.

    To clean the wand try warm water, makeup remover / shampoo / dish soap and an old toothbrush.
Another use for an old (clean!) mascara brush is to remove the mascara from your lashes at the end of the day.

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