DIY Bath & Beauty Gift Ideas

   The main things to remember about gifting self-made beauty products are:

Make something generic:
    It's hard to make a shampoo or cleansing oil when you don't know what kind of skin / hair the person has, whether they like oils at all, and what their beauty routine looks like. However things like bath salts or scrubs will delight almost every one.

Make it pretty:
    Think 'spa', think 'luxury'. Get inspired by a Lush store. The prettier the cosmetic is, the more special it looks. Don't forget the container: Find a cute tin, jar or bottle and decorate it.

Also, do read Rules For Making DIY Gifts That People Actually Want. Finally, don't forget to let the recipient know that the gift is natural and eco-friendly!

Here are some ideas for self-made cosmetics as gifts (click for tutorials):

Bath Fizzies

Body Scrub

Mint-eucalyptus foot scrub

Body butter

Body Moisturiser

Lip scrub

Bath-tub fizzies

Lip Balm
Bath soak

Infused Bath Salts

Body mousse

Lip balm

Mint Toothpaste

   Will you be making DIY gifts this Christmas? Do share!

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