Fixing Underwires That Hurt The Sternum, By Pushing Them Through Tunnels

   What to do when underwires poke in the front of the chest?
   Exhibit A: this lovely Curvy Kate Tease Me fits me perfectly, but the underwires pinch me in the front.  I recently found a quick and dirty fix for this.
   (I'm assuming you are properly fitted, right? If not, off you go and measure yourself. Most bra discomfort issues are caused by wearing the wrong size!)

   So, I realised that the underwire of this bra is much shorter than the tunnel for it. In this photo, the yellow line represents the underwire:

    So I did the obvious. I pushed the underwire so that it goes higher up under the armpits and lower at the sternum:

    There, that feels much more comfortable! You can no sew the empty part of the tunnel up, otherwise the underwire will probably work its way back up.

    Of course, this only works for bras where the underwire is shorter than its tunnel. If this method doesn't work, you can always try bending the tip of the underwire away on a flat surface, or try sewing a dart in the front of the bra. Of course, some people just can't wear regular underwires, but generally I recommend wired over non-wired bras because of the superior fit and support.

     Have you ever tried pushing down your underwires? Do you know any other quick fixes for uncomfortable underwires?

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