Grown Women Also Wear Small Bra Bands. Also, Sofia Vergara's Real Bra Size

Grown, Big Women Also Wear Small Bra Bands. Also, Sofia Vergara's Bra Size!

      The gorgeous Sofia Vergara revealed that she wears a bra size 32 F on none other that the cover of the September issue of (US) Allure. She looks radiant in a Tamara bra from Parfait Affinitas, which she loved so much that she kept it after the shoot. My first reaction was: kudos for her being comfortable to talk about her bra size, and knowing enough about bra sizing to not be terrified of cup sizes like F or insist that she is a double-D. However, the comments on the internet to her bra size revelation were a story of deep, dark ignorance: many stated that "she must be a 34 or 36" and  “32 is doubtful" because "that  (32) was my size when I was a bony 11 yr old.”. I wanted to bang my head against the wall!

     First of all, the comments confuse boob size with band size. Just because someone has fuller breasts, it doesn't mean they need a bigger band size. Because the band doesn't go around the boobs, it goes (gasp) below them. Sofia Vergara may have bigger boobs, but that doesn't have anything to do with the size of her ribcage!

       Now, breaking news: small bands aren't reserved for teenagers, petites and those with eating disorders. I wear a 28 band and I haven't been a teenager for a decade. At 168cm and 55 kilos, I'm not a petite even by a stretch. I wear size S, not an XS; I have full thighs and hips and a belly and don't look anorexic or fragile. The reason my underbust measurement is small side is that I'm quite small-boned (for example my wrists are very slender), but I have quite a bit of fat and muscles on those bones.

       I do have a petite friend – her head comes up to my shoulders, she wears a size XS or smaller and has a hard time finding shoes tiny enough for her. And guess what? She needs a band a size bigger than me. For all her tinyness, her rib cage happens to be a bit broader than mine in the under-bust area.

       I have another friend who wears the same clothes size as me, we often swap clothes. She is a bit shorter though. Her band size? A 32. Oh, and I have personally measured both these ladies, so I'm quite sure of their band sizes.

      So, you see that the band size a woman needs has nothing to do with her height, age, weight, clothes size or curvyness level. It is simply about the measurement of the ribcage at a certain point. A band size like 26, 28 or 30 sounds so unusual and tiny because most women wrongly add inches to their under-bust measurement and are wearing band sizes like 36 and 38 when they should be wearing much smaller ones to get proper lift and support.
   Here is a great image from Thin and Curvy demonstrating what difference just one band size can make to lift and support. You will notice one thing here – she goes up one cup size as she goes down a band size – this is because cup sizes are relative to band size, so a 30GG is the same cup as the 28H or 26HH.

   And now, back to Sofia Vergara. A 32 is not a surprising band size anymore, is it? Interestingly, I happen to know that the Tamara by Parfait she is wearing for the shoot is in the size 34DD. The bigger band makes sense since Parfait bras run small in the band, but I wonder why the stylist sized down in the cup -- is it to get that overflowing-cups effect? (Looks lovely in the shoot but don't try this for every-day, ladies). Or maybe the style runs big in the cup?

    I think Sofia looks really gorgeous in this shoot, and I love black lace so much. I want whatever it is that she is wearing on this picture, including the Parfait Tamara. I have actually started watching Modern family after writing this post, and am enjoying it :)

    Do you watch Modern Family? Or have a thing for black lace? Do people act surprised when you tell them your band size?

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