Where To Buy Ingredients For DIY Cosmetics + Online Store Database

A part of my small home lab :)

    Hyaluranon, jojoba oil, flower-waters, --- where to buy all this stuff I write about on this blog? Here are some suggestions -- online as well as real-world. Personally, I buy mostly from Hobbythek since they happen to have a story in my city; I also love Zrob Sobie Krem for their ready sets. But I have also got this and that ingredient from very different places. If you are looking for a brick-and-mortar store, here are some ideas:

DIY cosmetic stores

   Many big cities have one! Try Googling.

Your local pharmacy aka drug store

   Always start here, you might be surprised at what they have! They usually have stuff like soy lecithin, vitamin E (in tablets), and pH measuring strips.

Health food stores

   Quality plant oils and essential oils, butters, hydrolates, clays and the like.

Laboratory supplies store

  Great for glass beakers that you can heat up on your stove, precise scales, droppers.


   I have found many small sellers that sell cosmetic ingredients. Also, many "regular" small online shops also sell on Ebay. Read the product description carefully to see what you are getting.

Online stores:

   Usually the best sources for all kinds of cosmetic ingredients. A good DIY cosmetics store should not only have a big range of products, it should also have recipes as well as detailed product descriptions (that tell you whether an ingredient is water or oil soluble, it's properties, the highest concentration that can be used, etc.)

I have added online stores that are in languages that I speak. Obviously I have not tried most of them myself, so please do your research before ordering. Many of these stores ship internationally, and sometimes it may be cheaper to buy certain stuff from abroad.If you know any good ones from your country, let me know in the comments!



Skin Essential Actives (Taiwan based)

US and Canada

Ingredients To Die For Well-described ingredients. Ship internationally and accept paypal.
From Nature With Love Loads of ingredients with useful descriptions, recipes. Ship internationally and accept paypal.
Making Cosmetics.com Inc. Informative product descriptions, ship worldwide and accept paypal.
Lotioncrafter. Minimum order of $12.50. Credit card and Paypal only. Ship internationally for +$5
DIY Cosmetics. Great selection of equipment and some raw ingredients.
Garden Of Wisdom US and Canada only. Accept Paypal. Ingredients are under "raw ingredients"
Do It Yourself Cosmetics International shipping, well-described ingredients.
Bulk ActivesSkinActives.com  Ship Worldwide, accept paypal.
Mountain Rose Herbs Mostly oils and ready products, not much "labolatory" ingredients. US and Canada only.
The Herbarie Formulary Nice recipe database, but products are not well described. US and Canada only, no Paypal.
Texas Natural Supply  Accept paypal and ship internationally.



Gracefruit Ship within Europe
Fresholi ship internationally
Active Formulas
Essential Oils Online
Bristol Botanicals - Home Ship within the EU
Of A Simple Nature Paypal accepted, Worldwide shipping
Laboratory Chemicals


Zrob Sobie Krem They are working on their english language page. Do not accept paypal.
Mazidla  Ship internationally
Biochemia Urody


Hobbythek also have brick-and-mortar shops in many German cities
Kosmetische Rohstoffe
Hobby Kosmetik
Essence: the biggest variety of hydrolates I have ever seen! Most are organic :)


Kosmetik Macherei
Art of Beauty


Allerlei Praktisches




Helena Cosmetica


Umakeitup specialist supplier of all the ingredients needed to make your own mineral cosmetics. Based in Spain, ship throught Europe/ USA.

   If you know of any other great stores that sell cosmetic ingredients, let me know in the comments and I will add them to the list!

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