Weekend Reads 05-01-2012

How to take a break

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I'm feeling a bit down the weather, so I'm enjoying a cozy weekend at home. The end of the winter holidays has come, and I'm looking forward to next week! Especially my sewing workshop -- I found an "open workshop" (spaces where people can learn / exchange certain skills for free)  for sewing in my town and am learning to sew and alter stuff -- a really big challenge for me!
      Onward to the links:

* Bras: Are red marks left by bras on the skin ok? Here is the answer.

* Wow: The Neuroscience Of Pickpockets.

* Smarts: What is the Ego? Here is a lovely explanation.

* Funny: I had to laugh at this advice on getting married from kids. Also: great advice.

* Food: If you enjoy cooking, travel and pretty foot photography, you might like La La Tartine Gourmande

* More: Probably you've heard me mention them, but here goes again: I am doing two little side projects: Lets Panic About Badly Fitted Bras points out horrible bra fit examples and hopes to train women's eyes to recognise how bad vs good fit looks like. Repurposing is full with ideas on reusing objects in your home -- a lovely combination of whimsy chic, green and thrifth! You'll find cute ideas for organising your jewelry or maximise space in your fridge -- with objects that you probably already own. Both Tumblrs accept contributions, so the next time you find an image that makes your boobs hurt or a repurposing idea you'd like to share, just click on the Submit buttons!

Check these out: