Weekend Reads 26-05-2013

      Hi there, how did your week go? I am freezing my butt off -- constant rain and 5°C. But I'm enjoying the holidays. I saw a Capoeira show (I'd really love to do that kind of stuff with my body) and an African fashion show (The mind-blowing colours! The bold patterns! The silhouettes!).
    As part of my last week's challenge to brush up on my etiquette, I have been reading a book on it. I'm only half way through, but I did learn some nice tips. The best one was: if you have forgotten someone's name, just ask them again. Most people take it as a compliment: it makes them feel that they are interesting or likable enough for you to want to make sure you got their name right. And here is one from me: if an acquaintance you are greeting is with kids, do say hello to each of the kids too. The kids probably know you by sight and like to be treated like real persons.
  For next week, I'm planning to wear a scarf every day, and tie it in a different way. There are so many amazing ways to tie it, and I need to memorise a couple of them.

Onto the links:

* Style: An amazing way to find accessories. Does it work for you?

* DIY: A delightfull fashion DIY blog I found

* Hair: Henri show of her hair accessories, and includes a couple of good tips.

* Women: This lady was fed up of a poster of a scantily-dressed woman at her workplace and decided to replace it with a poster of a scantily dressed guy.

* Body: The nu project wants to show the world how real bodies look like. (NSFW).

* Body image: New York Is So Beautiful — Too Bad It Makes Me Feel So Ugly talks about the reality of living among beautiful people

* Fun: a very cute online game is Samorost. I really love the graphics and the fact that the game is challenging yet relaxing

* Kids: I love this, and will think of it the next time I stress about the mess my kids make.

The intelevator!

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