Weekend Reads 29-06-2013

      Hi everyone, how did your week go? I have not done a weekend reads post in the last weeks because the weekends were so full of fantastic stuff that I just couldn't fit writing in. Summer is full of concerts, festivals, lectures and other great events, and I mean to enjoy it all before the city turns dead boring in August. I've also been pretty busy with theater rehearsals, our performance is getting close and it's so exciting!
   Unfortunately I haven't been doing weekly challenges, but I mean to catch up. This week's challenge will be to catch up on my physical check-ups: I need to call my dentist, gyn and dermatologist and make appointments. I seriously dislike telephoning, then the waiting times and I always manage to forget my insurance cards, so I keep on postponing ding this. But I guess I should be grateful that the Germany health care system makes this all for free, and I just have to show up and not worry whether I can afford it or not.

  Important! Google reader is shutting down on Monday, so you'll need to follow this blog via Bloglovin or your new favourite reader!

  Anyway, onto the links!

* Style: A 16th Century style-obsessed accountant documented his outfits every day for 40 years. The first fashion blogger?

* Funny: Great Tweets Of Science

* Beauty: Ever wondered about beauty routines of women in uniform?

* Fun: Good movies for free? Try Snagfilms.

* Makeup: Mulan and the art of makeup. Amazing!

* Body: Apparently spray-tanning can give you abs, cleavage and a toned look.

* Food: This is why I cook

* Body: Why My Body Isn’t Bikini Season Ready & I Don’t Care

* Advice: I loved how not to say the wrong thing

Amazing stop-motion overview of Neolithic, Egyptian and European hairstyles:

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