Mont Bleu Review: Glass Files, Compact, Earrings & Tweezers With Svarowski Crystals

   Who doesn't like sparkles? Though I would like to think of myself as a practical person, in truth I love pretty stuff and am obsessed with all my everyday stuff being pretty. A while back Mont Bleu sent me some of their products to review and of course I said yes. Mont Bleu are a Czech brand that produces pretty stuff with Czech glass and original Swarovski crystals.

   Here is what I got:

Compact Mirror:

   I always carry a small mirror with me, since I tend to get things flying into my eye, forget that I'm wearing mascara and rub my eyes, and run into contact-lenses troubles. This compact mirror is made of plastic and is very light, so it's perfect for my tiny cosmetic bag. The mirror on one side is normal and on the other it is magnifying, and both are of a good quality (very important when the mirror is tiny).
   The mirror came in an elegant box, which made me think that it would make a nice inexpensive yet stylish gift for someone. You can pick a metal one if plastic seems cheap for you (for me the weight is way more important).


    This pair is not something I would have picked out myself, yet I am so glad that I got them because I am in love with them now. They are multicoloured and sparkly, yet small enough to be subtle. The photos on the website come nowhere close to the richness of the colours, it's way different from ordinary glass stuff.
    The metal is hypo-allergic and I had no problem wearing them all day (I am lightly allergic).


    This was the one product that did not thrill me. The tips of the tweezers were a bit too thick. Here you can see the comparison with the Mörser tweezers that I normally use (from the Reformhaus). The Mont Bleu tweezers are not bad since the ends are slanted and do meet perfectly, indeed they are better than many I have tried, but they are not as precise as my blue one. Of course it also depends on what you use your tweezers for: you need much more precision for extreme brow-plucking than you need for nail art.


Nail files

   I firmly believe that glass files are way superior to other kinds of files (ok, except ruby files), and a good glass file can last you a lifetime (just don't drop it!). These ones are made of high quality tempered Czech glass, so I'm hoping that they will keep their grit for years.
     I got one normal-sized one and one small one. One side of the files is slightly rough, the other one is very smooth. The grit is very fine so it is perfect for softer nails like mine, but if you have nails that are as hard as... nails, you might want to use something rougher for the filing and this one just for the fine filing and sealing. I felt that the grit is very sharp and I could get my nails filed in record time. The files leave the edges very smooth.
    The smaller file is great to carry around in my purse. The bigger one is great for toenails. Another product on the site that I found intriguing are the Hard Case Nail Files which are perfect for travelling / clumsy hands; as well as the foot files. The site has a huge selection of all kinds of nail files, so there is something for everyone.

  The Swarovski crystals on all the items are neatly and firmly attached. I'd definitely recommend the nail files for anyone looking for quality ones, and of course the earrings. The compact would make a cute gift. The prices of all the items are very reasonable. Oh, I almost forgot: shipping at Mont Bleu is a cheap 3€ worldwide, no matter how much you order.

   Do you like Swarovski crystals? Do you like bigger nail files or smaller ones? Also, has anyone tried glass foot files? I'm seriously considering getting one.

   The products were kindly sponsored by Mont Bleu. All opinions in this review are 100% my own.

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