Is A Red Bra Really Invisible Under White Shirts?

   A while back I read this really crazy tip: that a red bra will not be visible when worn under white tops. I was extremely sceptical and was pretty surprised to see this statement repeated on many many places on the internet. So I decided to try it out. If this were true, I would finally have a reason to buy more red lingerie which I totally love!

   The test: the Weismann Roxana Balconette bra worn under a clingy top. The bra is lace and not smooth, so it is not the right thing to wear a clingy top, regardless of colours, but it would do for the test. The result: the bra was much less visible than expected, but not as invisible as a nude bra would be. I think that the red is closer to our skin tone than other colours like blue, green, purple, black or even white, so the actual red colour is not really apparent. However, it is still a bit of a contrast in terms of lightness/darkness (I mean that the actual red colour didn't show through, however it was clear that the bra was darker than my skin tone) A washed-out red would be invisible on my Caucasian skin (but I have yet to find a bra in that colour). However if you have a darker skin tone, you might find a red bra a great alternative to the hard to find browns.
  On that note, pink makes an excellent nude on paler skin tones!

  While researching on the net, I found this example; note how the red bra kinda looks subtler than the white bra. Also note that the mannequin is rather dark-skinned.

   Personally, I will continue to wear beige bras under my white stuff (unless I will want to make a statement and wear a black or colourful bra. Hasn't happened yet, but never say never.) However, I have realised that my red bras are more versatile than I though and will wear them more often under other stuff.

   Do you like red lingerie? Have you ever tried wearing it under white clothes? Do you know that in Poland red lingerie is supposed to bring luck, so girls often wear it for exams?

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