Weekend Reads 07-06-2014

Skins UK

   Hey everyone, summer is here and it's my favourite time of the year. Walking barefoot, balmy evenings, sundresses, all that. Sleeping with the windows open. Basically anything with the windows open.
  Also, I've been re-watching Skins. I love the third generation the best.

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Now onto the links:

* Sarah Silverman gives what is probably the best life advice I've ever read.

* Dress Like A Parisian has tons of practical dressing advice, even if you don't want to actually dress like a Parisian.

* The Ultimate Summer Diet Guide is so funny.

* Just stop saying "I have a boyfriend".

* Tips for Japanese tourists visiting the US. I can't even.

* For everyone who loves Skins (the series), I totally recommend checking out SkinsLockin and the Rophy recaps. The latter are a tad spoilers, and best red after you have watched the whole season.

* A tad too exhibitionist for my taste, but... still kinda cute (slightly NSFW).

* Book of the week: As someone who is really bad at cooking yet wants to eat heltha, "It's All Good" by Gwyneth Paltrow has been a life saver. The recipes are easy, call for few ingredients (if I see a long list of ingredients, I go "that's never gonna happen"), and are surprisingly good. Evan though some of her recipes are unusable for me because they are not vegetarian or use ingredients not available in Germany, there are still plenty of gems left. And the books is pretty. And there are even ready weekly meal plans for the extremely lazy.

Watch and learn: 


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