Must-haves: Kessa Peeling Mitt + Savon Noir Black Moroccan Soap

   Hey everyone, today I wanted to show you what is probably the most best exfoliating tool on the planet. The Kessa glove is a traditional scrubbing mitt from Morocco, used in the Hammam baths. It gives you the most amazingly buttery soft skin and is more thorough than any other scrub or exfoliating tool I have used. After exfoliating your entire body with it, try turning it inside out and you'll see a huge amount of skin flakes -- even if you have been using scrubs regularly.
   A peeling session with the Kessa mitt not only makes your skin crazy smooth, it prepares the skin for creams and oils which get absorbed immediately. It also oxygenates the skin by boosting the blood circulation. The Kessa mitt helps against ingrown hair and keratosis pilaris. With regular use it firms the skin a bit and can help against cellulite.
   If you have never tried an exfoliating mitt yet, give it a go! It is a fail-safe and more frugal and less messy alternative to scrubs.

    The Kessa glove is rather thick and knobbly, with an elastic around the opening to keep it from slipping off the wrist. It reminds me a bit of Korean scrubbing mitts, but is much coarser and more effective. In spite of it being so thorough, it doesn't irritate the skin unless you really try to rub too hard. The only minus of the product is that it takes time to dry, usually two days in the winter.

   Traditionally the Kessa glove is used together with the Savon Noir, so I picked up some as well. The Savon Noir is a liquid soap which is rather thick. It's pH level is basic, and the soap works as a chemical peel by loosening the dead skin cells and ideally prepares the skin for exfoliation with the Kessa glove. It can be used on all skin types. The ingredients are Potassium olivate (salt of olive oil fatty acids), Eucalyputs oil and Argan oil. The eucalyptus is anti-fungal and the Argan oil is moisturising. The smell is a bit like black olives.
     If you don't have any Savon Noir lying around, you can also use the Kessa mitt with your favourite shower gel or soap, or for an even more thorough exfoliation without anything , like Garance. Some Kessa gloves are made of 100% natural silk, these should be used without soap.

How To Do A At-Home Hammam Ritual

   Here are my tips to get the maximum out of your Kessa glove. For best results, pick a day when you have a bit of extra time, and you'll be awarded with the most amazingly silky smooth skin in your life. This should be done once or twice a week.

* For best results, soak in the bathtub or shower for a few minutes to soften the skin.
* Apply Savon Noir, a clay or a shower gel all over your skin, and let it stay on for a few minutes. Rinse off.
* Wet the Kessa mitt lightly before use to soften the fibres.
* Exfoliate with movements in the direction of the heart, using a lighter touch on the chest. Scrub ankles, knees and elbows in circular movements.
* Rinse your body well, pat dry.
* Apply a rich body moisturiser. I like to use oils, since they sink in really nicely after exfoliating with the Kessa glove.

   From time to time you can throw your Kessa into the washing machine (only with natural detergents please) or wash it really thoroughly in the sink. Depending on where you bought your Kessa glove, the quality may really vary, so maybe it will last for a few months or a few years if it has double stitching.

   I bought my Kessa glove at a village market in the south of France, but you can buy really cheap Kessa mitts online. Slightly smaller ones are easier to use since the don't slip on the hand. It's a good idea to wash it in hot water before use, because I heard that some of them might leech a bit of colour.

   Have you ever used a Kessa glove? How do you normally exfoliate?
Photo credit: me

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