Weekend Reads 20-05-2016

* Lilacs are blooming and if you want to pluck some, this is how you keep them fresh.

* I really loved you're not my child, don't call me mom.

* You might be old enough to rememer The Scatman song, but did you know that he struggled all his life with a debilitating stutter for which he was bullied in school, which made him depressed and addicted to alcohol, until he found scat music? My hat goes off.

* So apparently you can easily turn leather into suede at home. Who knew!

* Homesong. A beautiful blog about a beautiful simple home. I want to move in and steal all her stuff.

* I've always been fascinated by the Korean 10-step routines, but not a huge fan of all the products with dubious ingredients. Now one of my favourite bloggers presents a zero-waste, natural version of it -- based on actual traditional Korean DIY skincare.

* The Murmuring Cottage is a beautifully curated tumblr of the most calming images ever. What are your favourite blogs or tumblrs for aesthetic inspiration? I'm looking for new ones.

* How to quick-soak chickpeas.

* An in-depth article about heels, their psychology and their history.

* War and Peace is one of my favourite books ever and one of the the greatest stories ever told, so I was pretty stoked about BBC making a miniseries based on it. It's quite good (even if not Russian enough and not philosophical enough), with some amazing actors. And Prince Bolkonsky. And that ball scene.

What great posts or blogs have you read (or written) this week? Do share in the comment section.

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