Weekend Reads 17-12-2014

      Hi everyone, have you been? It's been a while since the last weekend reads, so without much ado here you go:

 * I know that the concept of Hygge has been done to death and horribly commercialised. So I was really happy to find an authentic blog about it from an actual (half) Dane. Some of my favourite posts from Hygge House are the shabby house, candles in the city, healing gifts, the real hygge,

* How to Become Less Uptight in Two Minutes

* Home: My Scandinavian Home has lots of interior that I love.

* Frau Frida's blog is full of beautiful cozy homey photos. If you can't read german, you'll still want to scroll for inspiration.

* How to eat less crap during the holidays.

* Great tips on styling cardigans

A Christmas movie that is as fun as it is charming, with very young and adorable Winona Ryder, Christian Bale and Kirsten Dunst:

Check these out: