Favourite Beauty Products: Spring 2017

 I haven't bought much new products in the last year, because I tend to stick to things that have worked for me in the past. So I rebuy my favourites again and again. However I have a couple of new things that I really like I'd like to share with you. Most of them aren't really new, except the Kiko pen I've been using these products for months if not longer, however I haven't written about them on the blog.

Luvos Hydro Maske face mask

I was looking for something very moisturising in the winter and this was my favourite of all the masks I tried. Its very nourishing yet not too heavy, and I think that it works for all skin types. It's lightly tinted and I have been known to leave it on like a regular cream when my skin really needed it. One sachet is enough for several applications. I got it from the Müller but it's also available in Douglas.
The mask is certified organic (BDIH).

Waldfussel Deodorants

I think I mentioned Waldfussel already -- Gentle and effective deodorants that I have been using for several years. They have really lovely scents that are created with essential oils (no synthetic fragrances). Although they are based on sodium bicarbonate they don't dry the skin as the diy baking soda deodorants thanks to Shea butter and jojoba oil.
Celtic smells like a herby meadow, the scent is very green and not at al sweet. Frühlingsblüte is amazing -- it's flowery without being sweet. I can't stand sweet scents on me. This scent is a dry, tart flowery note; lightly spicy without crossing over into the heady oriental territory. These deodorants leave a bit of whiteness on the armpits so I don't wear them with sleeveless clothes, instead I sometimes dab them behind my ears for their scent.
Waldfussel ships within the EU (if you're in Britain and want these you'd better hurry), however you'd need to use google translate if you don't speak German.

 Alverde Gesichtsöl Wildrose face oil

A really nice dry-feeling oil mix that I like to use in the evening for my facial massages. It feels really smooth and not sticky, and is also great to use on the hair when I want a little bit of oil to tame frizz. The oil is a mix of jojoba oil, almond oil, peach seed oil, rose hip oil and coconut oil, all lovely nourishing oils and no cheap "filler" oil.
The dropper bottle is really practical to use and will stay with me long after the contents are used up.

Rose hip oil

I wanted to get a good anti-ageing oil and rose hip is a great candidate with its vitamin A and antioxidants. It feels a tad heavier than the Alverde Gesichtsöl, but not sticky. It's calming and suitable for all skin types, including the very sensitive. It doesn't block the pores and it's a good oil if you tend towards acne. It's supposed to be minimise scarring when applied on fresh scars, however I don't have any fresh ones to test it on.
I get most of my pure oils from the local Hobbythek store because they are good and cheap, but you can find rose hip oil in other places as well. Look for 100% rose hip oil, if possible cold-pressed and organic.

Wala Solum Öl

This little oil is something I have been using since several years before sleeping. It is calming and is meant to provide a kind of protective shield for persons that are sensitive to the environment. The lavender scent is very calming. Rubbing it into the nape of my neck really helps me with stress-related headaches. People I know also use it on their joints when they feel pain due to changes in the weather.

Kiko long-lasting eyeshadow stick

Since a long time I have been looking for a deep blue eyeshadow that is pigmented enough to not look like that 80s pastel look when applied. I finally stumbled upon the Kiko sticks, which surprised me with their pigmentation and ease of use.
and picked up the #44. It's a beautiful cobalt blue that works really well on deep autumns as well as true autumns, all winters and clear springs. The tip came from a video of Violette, who is the queen of blue eyeshadow. It's easy to apply and beautifully pigmented. It does gather in the crease a bit if I don't use a base (or set it with powder). The #17 is a deep sapphire blue with a bit of shimmer that would work for deep autumns, all winters and true summer; and there are a couple of other shades of blue (source). Two other shades that I really liked are the #28 and #34 which would make great highlighters for warmer and cooler skin tones.

If you have any questions, let me know. If you have tried any of the products I wrote about here, how did you like them?

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