Weekend Reads + A Couple Of Questions

* As soon as the lilac blossom, I'm going to make this lilac oil infusion. Somewhere else I read that you should let the flowers wilt a bit first, so that they contain less water.

* Very interesting read on gratefulness and offering up one's identity.

* Beautiful styling ideas for your windowsills.

* Great thrift store shopping tips.

* Cute ways to customise your sunglasses.

* For simple make-up looks I love Violette's channel. As she applies her make-up at the back of a car or a cafe using her fingers to blend, you wouldn't guess that she is actually a pretty big professional make-up artist. Plus her voice is so amazingly soothing.

Finally I have a big favour to ask of you: please take a few minutes to answer a couple of questions. They will really help me. Thanks!!!!

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