Gorgeous Bras I'm Coveting This WInter

The past days I was browsing through the offers of some of my favourite lingerie brands and decided to share my favourites with you. Whether you are looking for a Cyber Monday bargain or for a gift for someone (or yourself!), here are some beautiful bras to get you started:

Ewa Michalak Przeplatanki

Strappy BDSM-inspired bras have been in style for a while, but Ewa Michalak has topped them all. The przeplatanka is totally customisable -- you can wear the five straps in many different ways or remove them altogether. Instructions on Bras And Body Image -- she even did a star! A star! It comes in the S cut and the 3D cut, with the former going up to LL cup.
Oh, and it's pronounced pshay-plaah-tahn-kee -- rhymes with say, blah, Han (Solo), key. It means tatting!

Doggo by Wellfitting

So on this site you can sort bras per breast type: "full on top", "wide root", etc. And included stats light height of the gore and cup separation, and what shape is gives (rounded, natural, extra cleavage, etc). Why isn't this a thing everywhere? Though the unicorn and cat prints, this plant and dog model is absolutely the cutest.
 The Doggo is available in several different cuts, which are helpfully explained on the site.

Avocado Ce Soir

Avocado's Ce Soir is another bondage-inspired piece -- an utterly gorgeous one. The cup size goes up till K (in their sizing system(, and as A Sophisticated Pair has shown, looks stunning peeking from under a dress and the straps sit perfectly even on big cup sizes and don't dig in.


Samanta Cora Chabrowy

Most of Samantha bras lean classic elegance, but what stole my heart was the Cora with the embroidered cornflowers. Like most Samantha bras, the Cora Chabrowy comes in several different styles, both padded and unlined, including my favourite cup style. The A922 style goes up to an M cup.Chabrowy means cornflower and is pronounced haab-ro-vee.

Masquerade Harem Plunge Bra

Masquerade hits a sweet spot with me with it's elegant, opulent and slightly old-world designs, and this nude bra is one of the most elegant nude bras I have seen. Unfortunately it's not a true T-shirt bra since the horizontal seam is visible under tighter clothing. The fit is perfect for shallower breasts.
This bra seems to be not produced any more, and different online stores carry just a few sizes each, sometimes for as cheap as 7€.
Bratabase reviews here.

Claudette Mesh Bra

This one comes in all of the colours of the rainbow, light as clouds. I personally love the neon ones best. This bra comes in the elusive sizes 30B and 30C -- although the cups run smaller and the band apparently runs bigger.
A review from Dreams And Underthings.

Peek A Boo from Scantilly by Curvy Kate

The Peek A Boo from Scantilly by Curvy Kate comes in red, violet, black and chartreuse. The style looks fresh, I really love the front panel. Personally I like the red one best but I couldn't resist featuring the chartreuse because it's such an unusual shade.
Review on MyThoughtsOnBras

What bras are you coveting this winter?

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