My Two Step Method To Clean And Disinfect Cosmetic Containers

Apart from DIYing a lot of my own skin care, I sometimes decant purchased products into prettier (or more practical) bottles. For example I got aloe vera in liquid for in a plastic squeeze bottle, which I promptly decanted into a glass spray bottle. And I added a tiny little crystal to the bottom, because I read about in Into The Gloss and it sounded decadent. It clinks delicately when I use the aloe to mist my face.

For this puropose I often save containers that I find aesthetic or useful. It wasn't always easy to clean them thoroughly, especially if the product inside was heavy. After some trial and error I finally have the perfect method down pat.

Two Step Method For Cleaning Cosmetic Containers:

Step one: cleaning

The magic combination is baking soda + dishwashing liquid + hot water. Baking soda is a magical ingredient which easily binds fats and proteins, I have been cleaning everything with it recently. I pour some hot water into the container, add a dash of baking soda and dishwashing liquid, then shake vigorously and then leave it to stand for an hour or so. If it's a spritz bottle I pump a couple of times to make sure the tube is clean too. If there is any gunk around the neck of the container, it dab a little baking soda on a brush or cloth and clean. Then I rinse and let the water drip out.

Step two: disinfecting

Clean doesn't mean disinfected, and it's really important for cosmetic containers to be sterile if you are making a mix that could be a nice habitat for bacteria. I like to use alcohol, either rubbing alcohol or vodka. I pour a little into the bottle, shake really well, press the pump if there is one. Then I pour out the alcohol (usually on a cloth with which I then wipe the kitchen hood, it gets rid of the grease), and let the container dry. Voila, done! If I don't intend to use the container straight away, I often just leave the alcohol inside.
You can also disinfect glass containers and metal lids by pouring boiling water in them and letting it stand for a couple of minutes.

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