Want To Guest Post For Beauty Around The World Series?

    Hey ladies, have you ever been intrigued by beauty in other cultures? Picked up foreign products on your travels and beauty tips from foreign friends? Ever wondered abouthow girls from x country got that great hair or skin?

   Did you know that in Singapore yoga is seen as the best way to get great skin? That Americans are obsessed with having white teeth? That the Japanese see cleansing as the most important step of skin care? That Indian women walk with umbrellas on sunny days to protect their skin and hair from the sun?
   I love love love reading about the beauty secrets of other cultures. So much, that I'd love to hear them from you.  And it´s been my dream to host a series of blog posts about beauty trends, tips and secrets from different countries and cultures.

   Most of you reading this come from many different corners of the world. If you'd like to talk about skin and hair care in your country or culture, I´d love you to participate! Even if you think you come from a non-exotic country like the US or the UK -- hey, that´s exotic to someone living in Zimbabwe or Sri Lanka!
Just drop me a line at:

    You don´t need to a be a beauty blogger, you just need to know a little bit about beauty, what women around you use and which beauty problems they are concerned with.

What kind of content I am looking for:

   These are just suggestions and points to get you started. You don´t need to feel bound by them. Don´t try to answer all of the questions I pose below. Just talk about skin and hair care, perfume, beauty food and exercise... everything that is related to beauty. Then choose just the most interesting stuff. The post should be part entertaining and part informative, with a couple of tips that readers can apply themselves. Feel free to break any stereotypes.

The beauty obsessions of your culture: 

   In India it´s white skin, in the US it´s white teeth. European women prefer matte skin, east Asians want glow. Singaporean women don´t care about cellulite, whereas it is seen as pure evil in many other cultures. Chinese women don't care about makeup, but are obsessed about the shape of their face. What are the women in your culture obsessed about? And what don´t they care about? What are the beauty ideals?

Beauty "rules" and "theories":

    Singaporeans talks about "heating" and "cooling" foods. Polish girls are afraid to make their skin "lazy" by using anti-ageing products too early. What theories about beauty, skin health and hair care prevail in your cultural circle? What is your personal opinion about them?


 Beauty routines

    Whether its Hammams, chickpea masks or acid peels; hair straightening or extensions; anti-cellulite massagers or facial rollers, I´d love to know what women in your country like to do. What kind of makeup and hair is preferred? Do women prefer DIY or professional salons? Do they wear coloured contact lenses, paint their hands with Mehendi or cannot be seen without a manicure?


Products and home-made recipes:

    If a reader visited your country, what product / beauty treatment should she try out? And what at-home beauty treatment can she try right now? Everyone loves to take a bite of exotic beauty home!

    Want to be a part? I´d love to have you! If you´d like me to do a guest post on your blog in return, let me know!

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