Which Is The Best Brush for The Hair

I asked my hairdresser friend what is better: a brush or a comb ?
She replied that it doesn't matter so much, what is important is the material that it is made of.
   At the beginning of her training she was told that the best brand of brushes is Mason Pearson
Their brushes are pricey, but they should last for around 25 years, so I guess it's a good investment. The right hairbrush can do more good to your hair than a bunch of conditioners and hairspray. Check out their guide to choosing brushes.
  I will choose a nylon one instead of boar, since I just read that the hair is yanked out...  that must be horribly painful !
  Does anyone know of the best brush or comb material that is cruelty-free ?

edit: I just found out that very damaged hair will not respond well to a boar bristle brush. Finger-comb or choose a good comb instead.

   I love long hair !

Long hair is always in fashion. You can style it in a hundred different ways, it makes you look younger and more glamorous.

  But long hair looks good only if it is well cared for. As I have long locks myself (am competing to outgrow my bf's waist-lenght hair), I was thrilled to discover some interesting blogs:
Beautiful long hair
I especially love the hairdos, but the tips on haircare are also pretty good !

http://www.longhair.org is another nice site. I especially liked their list of minerals and nutrients necessary for healthy hair, along with the food that contains it.

   Do you have any favourite blogs or sites for haircare and styling advice ?


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